This past weekend was Sarah’s last prom and Libby’s first. I came down Saturday for the festivities, which turned our house into a whirlwind of bobby pins and hairspray. Sarah did her own hair and makeup, as well as Libby and Alyssa’s. Two of her other friends came over and Sarah did their hair too. It was busy.

Lib does this thing where when she gets excited, she never shuts up. Ever. By the time we got to pictures around 5, I was honestly surprised she hadn’t lost her voice. She went with Jacob and Sarah went with her friend Matt.

Oooooooh I just love dressing up and taking pictures. That’s the whole point of prom, right?

20140429-095829.jpg 20140429-095838.jpg 20140429-100358.jpg 20140429-100408.jpg 20140429-100415.jpg 20140429-100420.jpg

Kent never went to prom in high school so we kinda pretended it was out prom. Had our picture taken, went to dinner after (sushi – he loves me), and even danced around the living room to the car commercial music in the background.

Now, back to Orlando for my LAST EXAM (!!) Graduation on Saturday :)