It’s Wednesday and I’m just now doing my Monday blog post. But it’s okay, because my professor sent me this nugget of wisdom this morning: “By  this point in the course, It is my hope that we’re all on the same page about the overall goal of commercial media: Making bank. ” Is it testament to my caffeine levels that I got a laugh out of that? 

This past week has been a gross blur of insane work/school grind and then a blissful weekend in Palm City. The quicker the end of my college career comes, the happier I get. Last night I caught up with my freshman year neighbor and he said it didn’t seem like I made a whole lot of friends in college. I can’t argue that – but I can tell you why: I haven’t met anyone who has a. decent intelligence, b. life goals, c. a normal alcohol intake level. 

I have a theory about college and what it does to some people’s brains. After enrolling for their first semester away from home, there’s this dumb ideal of “I need to really live the college lifestyle.” Read: I need to get drunk and do loads of idiotic stuff with people I don’t really like because I’m in college. To be fair, I went through my own little ‘oh my god I’m in college I need to do college stuff’ stage. But when it ended, I realized there were few people around me who were actually in college for … an education. 

I’d like to blame this one on the media. Movies like Animal House glamorizes the college lifestyle. The celebrities our age, (Biebz!) are out partying, drinking, doing cocaine, and spending $75k in strip clubs. If you nix the strip club spending, there’s a huge amount of people who try to live that same lifestyle. Somewhere in my sophomore year, I realized the partying just wasn’t fun. Nor was hanging out with people who were your friend when alcohol was involved. I had stifled my desires to lay in bed and read books because I felt this pressure to live my life the way I thought I had to.  

So here I am, a mere month from walking across the stage to get my diploma. I’ve never felt so ready for something in my life. Granted, I have no idea where I’m going to live, where I’m going to work, or how I’m going to support myself. Everyone tells me to stay in college as long as I can, that real life isn’t fun.  But.. I’m ready for the responsibility. 


NOW! That ramble is over. Here’s some photos of the last week! 



The sisters were in Washington D.C. with band for their spring break, so it was Maj, Faj and I for the weekend. They became professional Snapchatters in an effort to get in touch with the girlz. They’re so cute!



We took to the beach with Subway on Sunday. 




HAAAY I finally cut my hair!! Took off a good 6-7 inches and I feel like a new person! 


The song/obsession of the week (besides the Frozen soundtrack, obvz)