My life isn’t glamorous and it certainly isn’t lavish. But lately, I can’t get over the beautiful life, family, and friends I’ve been given. Writing classes shun using cliches, but life lately is fantastic. Beautiful. Delicious.

Let’s start with this precious little dachshund Kenz and I played with on Wednesday. Kent grew up with weiner dogs and loves them. Just look at that little snausage. Now imagine a little sausage running through the house to greet you at the end of a long work day.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 9.37.32 PM

Let’s back up a moment, Kenz’s car needed some work at the dealership right by my apartment. I went to get her and simultaneously learned there was nothing the dealership could do for her. To shake the broken car blues, we went ate tacos. When that wasn’t enough, we went shoe shopping and found nothing. We still weren’t satisfied, so we went to play with puppies.


Thursday night Kenz stayed over in preparation for our DISNEY TRIP ROUND TWO! The pool here at my apartment complex is disgusting. They dyed it green for a post Patty’s Day party. Disgusting. Avoiding the general population that swarmed outside my front door, we scurried away to pools at Disney. We laid out at Wilderness Lodge and drank vodka grapefruit mixed things.


As if Friday couldn’t get better, I came home to the love of my life at my door. I couldn’t contain my excitement when he walked through my door, I had to drop what I was doing and just squeeze him for a minute or two. The biggest star in my sky and the kindest person I know was in my apartment for the whooole weekend.


We ventured to MegaCon on Saturday on a whim. Full disclosure, I don’t read animes and I’ve never seen Star Wars. MegaCon probably isn’t my scene, but I was kinda excited to go anyways. We parked in the grass across from the convention center and walked in alongside Deadpool father and son combos, the Flash, and a couple others.I didn’t save ANY of the snapchats I put in my story yesterday, but there were so many awesome cosplays.


lol @ gangsta spidey and Sailor Dude

It was kind of disorganized. In hindsight, we could have skipped buying the $30 wristband and walked right in, nobody was checking. We pushed into the crowds and it was humid. Humid and sort of smelly. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was kinda bummed to realize it’s a comic book flea market. We fought through hoards of bronies (herds..?) and the amount of men (?) in masks freaked me out. Freaked me out to the point where I had to stare at the ground and have Kent lead me to the back of the room, where I could take a deep breath and not be touched by strangers.


But overall? It was so fun. The LEGO thing was darn incredible. When we were walking towards it, Bobafet got down on his knee to shake the hand of a toddler. The awe in his eyes was precious, and he turned his head and screamed, “MOMMMMA IT’S BOBBAAAAFET!!” Kent and I were smiling about that until we realized there was a little LEGO Waffle House. That about took the cake.


We went to see Divergent early this afternoon, which I LOVED. L O V E D. I should have read the books before seeing the movie, but Theo? The guy who played Four? Drool. Before the movie, we walked through Downtown Disney and Kent even smiled for a picture with Olaf. He drew the line at me bringing the Frozen soundtrack in the car.


And you KNEW we had to go see some of those weinie puppies when Kent found out. This little guy cried when we left :'(

It’s been a blissful week and the greatest weekend. My bub left today and I miss him already, but I know the distance will be worth it in the end. Here’s to another good one.