It’s been such a beautiful week! Just beautiful

I ventured to East End Market with kenz on Tuesday, we drank juice and ate pretzels and paninis. I hit the books and worked for the next few days, and spent Friday at Disney with kenz. I went to Intern Pursuit on Thursday night, networked my booty off, and then had an epiphany.


I was going to pool hop across Disney. Kenz was all about it, we made it there by early afternoon and drank margaritas on the beach at the Polynesian.


But, wait for it… We finished the night with burgers. It was perfect.


My cave/work place lately.



20140317-211444.jpg 20140317-211449.jpg 20140317-211459.jpg

Saturday I spent the day with a group of guys I’ve known since seventh grade Sean was on break from the Marines and Ian was in town on the way back to FSU. They dragged me through the woods. In a dress. Tacos came quickly after that (thank GAWD) and I spent a few hours cross stitching while the played video games. We rounded out the night frying ribeye in butter and Guinness with homemade bread. For boys, they ain’t that bad 0:)


Kenz and I trekked across Orlando for a graduation dress on Sunday. That escapade might have ended in burgers and tacos, too.

Monday is over YALLL!