Hellllo! Hello! Hi! Happy Monday. Here’s a photo of me in the hand of a naked statue. Ty and I adventured around Lake Eola tonight while the runners played real life Frogger around us and the swarms of swans. We can call today the last day of my spring break, and it was a good end to a really, really good week.


I take the beach for granted the vast majority of the year, but we went twice in one week. Which is twice more than I’ve been in the last 8 months. I’m pink pink pink with terrible tan lines from holding my phone at an angle so I could play Triple Town. My latest obsession.


The same photo from last week, essentially. I threw in a peak of my shark boxers to let you know it’s a different Sunday with a different veggie sub.


My freshman year I went to South Beach for my spring break and I think that little weekend that ended with miserable stomachaches and Tosh.0 until 6AM has filled my ‘typical college spring break’ quota. I was more than happy to spend the week in the ole’ city of Palms, I spent a lot of time with my fambam and Kent which makes me happier than anything in this world.


Kent joined the 21st century with an iPhone finally. The upgrade from his brick of a phone has led to Snapchat frenzy on his part… this one’s one of my favz.


To stave off the boredom we played tennis. Kent must have told me, “where the racquet goes, the ball will follow” two dozen times. I’m not a coordinated girl. Nor is Sarah. Nor is Libby. Kent did a lot of running.


a lil stoplight selfie to end a blog post. now: four things that are desperately important and need to be documented!

  2. I have made insane cross stitch progress this break. Photos to come.
  3. Finally watched Frozen 
  4. Triscuits are Buy One Get One at Publix this week – also: the Liz Lemon Greek yogurt Ben & Jerry’s was clearanced out today … get some of that in your freezer. stat.