Happy Free Pancake Tuesday, y’all! I’m home for the week on Spring Break, soakin’ up the sun and being lazy as hell. The last week in photoz:


View from my porch.


Kenz came over on Wednesday & since we’re two broke girlz we are spent the evening doing free things such as painting our nails. Or, I painted Kenzie’s while she took degrading Snapchats of me.


And drinking beer that was already in the fridge so it’s (basically) free.


But! Now I’m in the city of Palms. Spent Sunday on the beach with a vegetarian sandwich and some salty air. Disney just announced they’re doing another 24 hour Disney Day in May, so we spent the entire day deciding what characters we’re going to dress up as. I’m gunning for Belle, Sarah is thinking Alice and Lib as Tinkerbell. Kent was unwillingly thrown into this scenario, I think he’d be a cute Mr. Smee / Gaston.


Me & Mr. Smee / Gaston / Prince Eric / Kent at the beach20140304-165909.jpg


Drank a diet soda for the first time in FOREVER. Drank it while I stitched and watched Teen Wolf with SB post racquetball game sesh.


WHY does Forever 21 insist on putting the cute stuff up high? On the same note: why do they cram the racks so tight I can’t pull something out/see what it is? Why are the larges before the mediums? Marshalls is a better choice 99% of the time. The cashier told me today that they get a truck in every day, how about that ;0

’til next week! xo