Happy Monday, reader. This was going to be a black and white post but then I came to the realization that food looks pretty awful in black and white. Chili’s does anyways. Here’s my 96 gram of fat skillet of queso and vodka soda I had Wednesday evening with Kenz. A word to the wise for anyone who care about their figure: DON’T EAT AT CHILI’S. Just… don’t. Almost cried when I saw my already consumed flatbread had 106 grams of fat. Read the alarming facts here.



Spent a good amount of time this week with my main homegirl. We became friends one fateful afternoon in third grade when she sat in my bus seat and suffered a thirty minute rant about the Eyewitness Sharks book I was reading. Poor girl lived in my neighborhood, not two minutes away. She never had a chance.

This is us looking slightly scary (me) and cutez (kenz) on Friday night at this dirty pool hall in honor of my friend Morgan. Another person in my life who didn’t stand a chance. I was often the only girl when I’d go play airsoft with him and all his friends in seventh grade. Kenz and I were the only females there under 55. Not much changes, I suppose.



Birthday boy and I lookin’ downright creepy. 20140224-230230.jpg


This little bundle to joy came to stay the weekend with his mama, who is Tyler’s sister. He liked my Christmas lights and crawling around in the…



Badass fort I made him! Just call me babysitter of the year. We watched Spongebob and he even made a cameo on my Skype date with Kent. I was sad to see him leave.



Another food post that looked god awful in black and white. Can you see all the grease on my Lazy Moon? It tasted SO good. I might have to go back this week :o



Another quality shot of Kenz and I getting ready to go out.


This super low quality but insanely sexy picture of Meechum from House of Cards, which I finished today. Just like that, the season that came out last week is over… and I’m high and dry until Lord knows when.

That’s the week, in a nutshell – minus some caffeine, spin classes, oh.. and cramming for midtermz. Last Spring semester… I can see the light at the end of the tunnel ;)