This has been the best week. Admittedly, there have been moments this week where I was exhausted. A little short on motivation. Here we are again, Sunday night fading into early Monday morning, and I’m wondering where it all went.

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Monday opened up with the magazine deadlines lurking overhead. Crunch time. Spent a lot of my brain juice on that this week, fueled by a steady steam of coffee. When I finally got home, flopped on my bed, Kristen came in my room and announced we were eating dinner with our friend who was leaving in the morning for a job. So, to I-Drive we went. Brickhouse I think was the name? Ate onion soup while the group of guys conquered beer towers and burgers. Ebony joined us after work and we ended up in Señor Frogs with two dozen Brazillian tourists.

Tuesday morning came and so did my caffeine IV. My roommate Tyler turned 21 on Monday and we owed her a celebration. Tuesday night we all delved into our closets for something bar casual yet warm enough for this cold snap. See: difficult. We started at Wall Street Cantina and ended the night at Vintage – where you can smoke hookah, watch dancers on the bar and listen to 90’s music all at the same time! I prefer to DD because I’m a lil control freak but mainly because I watch too many crime documentaries to ever feel safe in a large, congested area like that.

Wednesday It really alarms me when I look back and can’t remember what I did some days. Lets call this one: work from home in your comfiest flannel pants stolen from your boyfriend. Oh, I remember now. I made lots and lots of chocolate covered strawberries. Then dipped them in Oreo dust. I know, I’m gewd.


Thursday I drove home! I hopped on 95 around noon and was lounging on the couch by 2:30. Kent came over. Libby packed for her camping trip this weekend (see: eight bags of unnecessary items including cookie dough Oreos) (jk those are necessary)

Friday A quick PSA: VALENTINE’S DAY IS A CROCK OF CRAP. Buy me flowers some other day during the year when it actually means something. In an effort to keep things interesting, I totally botched my parking job in Kent’s driveway!! Just kidding – even when I try I’m a piss poor driver. The beginning of Valentine’s Day went something like this:

*I knock on door*
Kent: “Hi baaaabe, Happy Valen-”
Kate: “Come look what I’ve done.”


Long story short: I drove off the side of the driveway, got stuck, locked my keys in the car. Someone give me a damn medal.

After this miserable debacle, Kent took me to lunch. We grocery shopped. Then we met up with his Mom & the McDaniels – Kent’s family visiting from Kansas. We ate an early dinner and wandered through downtown, bravely eating ice cream (ooooooops) in the cold, cold weather. Rounded out the night with a Jason Statham movie with a name that evades me at this moment. In all honesty – it was the best day I could have imagined. No flowers, no expensive dinner, no ridiculous chocolates. A really thoughtful card and a day full of love.

Saturday Dropped Libby Lou off for her camping trip and Sarah off to an all day band fiasco. Mom, Dad and I went north to Vero to do some shoppin’ – we bought a heart shaped waffle maker. We Mullen women can get downright crazy in a Williams Sonoma outlet. Ate my weight in Chipotle and guac. Drove to the beach and popped inside modern furniture shops and along the ocean. Came home and lazed with my bb sister. Ate the most BOMB chicken noodle soup for dinner. Watched the ‘lympics with my fam and hung out with SB.

Sunday Pretty convinced Mom wakes up every morning thinking “I’m gonna be the bomb today.” Heart shaped waffles were ridic. Somewhere along the way on Friday, Kent’s car started feeling weird. You know, jerky when you let off the gas. Sort of sounded like my father’s stomach after a big meal. Grumbly. Weird. He dropped Bruce off to the Hyundai dealer over the weekend; so after SB and I did some shopping (F21 is 30% off clearance!!) we scooped that boy of mine up. Drove through Sonic to fuel up on unsweet tea and limeades.  SB went to work & my parents decided to be cute and go grab sandwiches and watch the sunset on the beach – so Kent and I went in search of drinkz. I decided to have my inaugural Bloody Mary at B. Merry Pub in Downtown Stuart and I was SORELY disappointed. I don’t think the waitress liked us and put a heaping dose of pepper in my drink, I couldn’t take a drink without coughing afterwards. Kent’s beer was flat. But the pickle chips were good!


Maybe you read this insanely wordy week recap – but in case you didn’t I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest: I am so blessed to have the family, friends, and boyfriend that I do. I wake up every morning with a heart full of love and surrounded by people who push me to be the best that I can. Life is insane these days, so full of excitement and good times.

dis week’s jam:

PS: the last two photos in the grid are of my Dad. One is his senior photo and another is him at Prom. Unearthed them today and I realized how much I look like him :o