Spin class is a funny thing. When I’m walking in I’m contemplating my threshold for pain, but during spin the funniest feeling spreads across my chest. I’m right back to being in seventh grade, strapped into the Hulk at Islands of Adventure. I’m having the time of my life, but as our cart nears the opening where were catapulted into the air with total reliance on some mechanical engineer somewhere – there’s a moment where I think I’m going to choke. I can’t breathe deep enough and my chest is hot and tight and I’m going to die, thirteen and never kissed, on a roller coaster named after a giant, pissed off green guy.

But ten seconds later, the blood in my veins is dancing and I’m smiling while drool smears across my face.

That’s kinda like spin class. The grind of a sprint makes me feel like I’m going to die, my thighs ablaze. But, then my rush of endorphins comes and I’m pouring sweat in the dark with two dozen other girls, but I feel pretty damn incredible.

This week has been a test. Of my patience, of my relationship, and my motivation. There are weeks, months even, where the distance between Kent and I seems nonexistent, we’ve fallen into this groove of the day to day and it’s great. Then there’s times when I notice it and it makes the miles seem longer and farther than they are. Took down two tests with ease, ate a bunch of junk for the Superbowl and then punished myself today in spin class for it.

My mind has been everywhere this week, but my camera roll says I’ve been thinking about food. So, here you have it: my week in fewd y’all:


Kristin is a saint and made us these roasted veggie pizzas with greek yogurt for the sauce.


Then Kenz came ova & we ate pei wei, hammered out her resume and drank alllll da coffees


My baby! My baby is finished! After almost a month this lil guy is DONE! (but don’t look too closely, because there are a few little things I still have to do. I just get excited easily.)


Our superbowl spread for three girls who had already eaten a full dinner ;)


Wandered around Winter Park on Saturday, found this in a children’s shop and decided I must have it!


Totally demolished my Mass Comm Research test on Wednesday night, regardless of the fact that I parked my car in a 45 minute space where I filled the meter with nickels and then ran across campus in the freezing rain to get to class. Also decided it was a good night to wear my yoga pants that are a weeee bit too long with mocassins, so those got soaked in about .5 seconds. BUT I GOT AN 88 SO I’M NOT COMPLAININ’

on replay this week: 

das all friends ;)