Dad used to tell me the older I got, the faster time would go. Being fourteen and hearing that seems like a lifetime ago, but here I am.

That said – the last week has flown by. I’ve been parking myself in the early morning at a coffee place, ordering something to drink and then not moving for six hours. Then I’d emerge, coming off my caffeine high and with all my work done – the good outweighing the bad. Three online classes and two face-to-face classes with online components made me apprehensive, but I’ve fallen into a groove and I think it’s gonna work out just fine (;

The week via iphone:


^ we all went on a DIY kick this week when Kristen decided to redo her room. Shocker, I made a bunting.


^ We may have bought plants for the house, too. Fake plants outside in the window box and real ones inside..?


^ rose lavender latte at Vespr. My favorite drink thus far.


^ drove home on Thursday


^ ’cause SB turned eighteen on Saturday (!!)


^ party animal Kent even wore a crown for the occasion (:


^ & Tyler and I rounded out the week with a study session, as evidenced by my poor crop job.

Happy Monday y’all!