The new year always sneaks up on me. In my mind, I envision doing 365 oriented challenges, weekly photos with my DSLR, a 2013 recap essay. BUT here we are, three weeks into 2014, and none of those things have happened yet. Until now! I give to you – the first week/weekend recap post of 2014!

ze highlights:


Kent came up on Thursday evening-ish and just left earlier this afternoon. Am I being that girl if I say I miss him already? Too bad, ’cause I do. I’m not much of a cook when it’s just me, I can survive on soup and sandwiches for weeks on end. But when someone else is eating with me, I channel my inner Food Network star and actually turn on the stove. We ate some perrrrty good meals this weekend (humblebrag).


We went and saw the new Hunger Games on Friday night, even though Kent was feeling adventurous and wanted to go see Her, I told him I wasn’t in the mood to watch a guy fall in love with an operating system. When we got into the theatre we saw the preview for Her, and I turned to him and said, “Wait, why didn’t we go see that?!” and Kent just looked at me like is this girl forreal..? Such patience.

But! I loved it! We went and saw American Hustle a few weeks ago and I loved J. La’s character in that – and she was equally spectacular in this totally different role. It’s a rare occasion that Kent and I walk out of the movie theatre both agreeing on liking a movie, but Hunger Games won Kent’s vote. (Which is way harder to garner than mine.)

We shuffled through the COLD! parking lot and I googled ‘craft beer’ from the comfort of the heated car and the first result was Oblivion Taproom. I’m not a sophisticated beer drinker but Kent loves that kinda stuff, so we drove ten minutes down Colonial to this kinda creepy looking bar on the side of the road.

We pulled in, right next to a Dancers Royale that boasted ‘full nudity’ and Kent asked if I was sure I wanted to go inside.



We were just gonna sit, drink a beer and grab an appetizer. I drank a Founders stout & Kent went with a Jai Alai. The pickles were housemade and so delicious that Kent decided he had to try one of their burgers, too. He ordered this monster of a thing, a brisket burger with fried pork belly, smothered in beer cheese, french fries and sauteed onions.

I can vouch for Kent’s raucous appetite and he was only able to stomach half of the burger (but we ate all the garlic parm tater tots – there’s always room for tater tots).

The moral of the story: dive bars/restaurants near strip clubs are worth a try if you live in Orlando you owe it to yourself to try Oblivion.

ps: they make their own ketchup (!!)


Tyler and I made an IKEA voyage on Saturday for the general excitement/apartment decorations. It was a win-win because Kent would rather die than go to IKEA and Ty had never been. Roughly four hours later we walked in the door with a bunch of things that we didn’t really need, but we neeeeeded. 

  Imageanyways, I love dis guy and it was one of the best weekends I could have ever asked for.



My fav this week:

’til next Sunday y’all!