Two weeks into January and I think my inaugural post on my new blog (eeeek) should be a life update, no? Back in November, I started my 101 in 1,001 list and since the list was put up on my 21st, I’ve crossed these off the list:



11. Finish another internship before graduating
19. Make my blog into a more profound/trafficked page
59. Visit an aquarium
74. Clean out my closet
80. Quit my job on campus
89. Sort through/organize my email inbox


but first – a picture of Kent and I because I get to see his handsome face this weekend c:

Numbers 11 and 80 have given me such happiness in the last month – but I’m superstitious about talking about things before they get underway. Now that my new internship/job has started and is going smoothly – I can #humblebrag about it, right?


I started last Monday as an Editorial Assistant for an economic development magazine based in Orlando. Not everyone knows what #econdev is, but Economic development is such an integral part of a city. It’s about marketing your area to businesses so that they will bring their business (and jobs!) to your area. It’s about the investments made in your area that expand economic opportunities, like expansions to hospitals or research done at universities.



Number 19: Perhaps you noticed I’m not longer at talesofkate on Blogspot? That’s because (drumroll pleeeease) I bought a domain! I’m Oh, I feel so official. I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, mainly because of the ease of getting a domain through WordPress, but also because the possibilities with WordPress go way beyond the capabilities of Blogger. (Sorry, Blogger, you were good to be for so long :’).)


Details on 59 can be found here and Number 74 was briefly mentioned here.



First day of work outfit, wearing a button down I ironed with my hair straightener. (#collegelife)


Roommate date this weekend to 100 Montaditos in Waterford Lakes. If you haven’t been there – it’s SO delicious. Menu is 100 sandiwches ranging from $1 to $2 and you order as many as you want. I had brie and chorizo, four spanish cheeses, and peppers and brie. Can you tell I like brie? ;)


aaand more roommate dates for sushi. A rather normal occurence but sushi with kiwi! Certainly worth a mention and it was really good. New Zealand roll at Fuji Sushi fellow Orlandians, TRY IT!


grandma life with my newest cross stitch project from Satsuma Street.


finally (almost) chilly enough to take baths and knocking out some of my Nook books (crime novels, obv) simultaneously.

Life is good, friends :)