Typing to you from a Buffalo Wild Wings while I eat a chicken sandwich and wait for my clothes to be sifted through by Plato’s Closet. 

Officially convinced that Palm City is just good for my soul. Being there recharges my batteries and realigns my thoughts. My family is the best one I could ever ask for. I spent the morning running around the house and packing and when I got to my car, Sarah had left the Regina Spektor CD  I had been looking for, on my seat. We Mullens are good like that, we’re not extravagant people, but we have little ways of reminding you that were thinking about you. 
A car! I have a car! It’s still very strange. A car, that’s mine. Gone are the days of going to the grocery store with an empty backpack on my bike. In that same breath, a big fat thank you to everyone who’s carted me around the past five years of my life. 

Made my maiden voyage to Orlando in my new car this afternoon. The farthest I’d ever driven was to West Palm, so mom and dad were a little frazzled. I stopped by to see my Kent before I hit the road, and I was here before I knew it. I’ve been home since Thanksgiving basically, it’s weird to be back here. 
Since my arrival, I’ve lugged two insanely heavy storage tubs up three flights of stairs, unpacked everything, ripped apart my closet, found a home for my new Christmas presents, reorganized the freezer, and now I’m eating a chicken sandwich. I have a roommate date with my girls at eight (super rhyme!) and I start my internship tomorrow!
But, before I launch myself into the spring semester, the love I have for my family deserves mentioning. They’re a weird bunch, but they are my support system, providers of endless love and some of the best times in my life were around the dining room table with them. The last month I spent with them and Kent has been nothing short of magical. I’m not sure what I’ve done to be surrounded by so much love, but I’m a lucky girl. 
Now, spring semester & 2014 – I’m comin’ for yew.