Last Thursday, Kent, Dylan and I packed up the car and made the three hour trip over to Safety Harbor. Not far from Tampa, we went to visit Kent’s Aunt Debbie & Uncle Stanley, who live there. We met up with Papa Blosser, Nanny, and Grampy who were already there, and were joined by Cory, Sean and his girlfriend Nicole, Billy and Erin. The twelve of us, along with a handful of visitors coming and going, had one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long, long time.

Kent’s cousin Sean was havin’ a birthday so we all convened for the celebration! 
We met Sean’s girlfriend Nicole and I met Kent’s cousin Billy and his wife, Erin, for the first time. Uncle Stanley is a bomb ass cook, we feasted on pasta with sausage + meatballs and started a huge fire in tha backyard. & theeeen Sean insisted we all try a Dirty Sean, which is taken like an Irish Car Bomb with a half pint of Guiness and a shot of tequila. It’s actually, not that bad. 
The next morning we all pulled ourselves together, ate some bagels & went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The movie ‘A Dolphin Tale’ is about a dolphin, Winter, who doesn’t have a tail – and that dolphin lives at this aquarium. It was raaaawther busy, and we made our way through the different tanks and exhibits. A sea turtle’s shell is made from the same material that our fingernails are made of. #themoreyouknow. 
We walked through the museum of the movie props, walked through a hurricane simulator, and then headed to a veeery late lunch at the Dunedin Brewery (I think that was the name..?). One laaarge and delicious fish wrap in my belly, we went home to prepare for bonfire night round two. 
Billy & Erin brought their husky, Sig, to the house, along with Erin’s parents husky, Kimber. Those dogs are some of the prettiest dogs you’ll ever see, & Kimber was especially lovin’ on Kent after he had some of Stanley’s chili. The boys played pool and I overdosed on guacamole and drank the light beer that none of the guys would touch. My undeveloped beer tastes come in handy when there’s Coors Light that nobody else wants to stomach ;) 
Then Saturday came around and Stanley, Kent and I drove to Einstein’s for the morning bagel pilgrimage. The twelve (ten? eleven?) of us had a slow morning & I played watched the guys play frisbee. 
We headed into Dunedin to grab lunch at Frenchy’s Outpost. Stanley swore by their smoked wings (confirmed – they’re deliiicious). Erin had mentioned their She Crab soup, so I had a big ole’ bowl of that and I was not disappointed (insert clapping Emoji hands). 
We walked through downtown Dunedin and popped into the shops. Kent is so over my camera happy self, but the rest of the Blosser/Kinberger fam is down to smile for me. And I might have gotten a little out of control: 
^^^ I TOLD YOU THAT BOY DOESN’T WANT TO SMILE FOR ME >:0 & herro to Billy ze photobomber
Ze Kinberger men look so alike, and they’re even more alike in person. Like a bunch of younger Stanleys walkin’ around, making jokes and dancing. Side note: Stanley taught me how to two-step this weekend so I am no longer totally useless on my feet. 
As the afternoon bled into nighttime, the guys pulled down their childhood tree house. The guys played tug-o-war with it until it fell down and eventually turned into fire ammunition for the bonfire last night. It’s rarely a dull conversation in the Kinberger household, we talked about everything from backpacking through Ireland to mediums who were eerily correct. 
We left early this morning & the three hours home we talked on and off about what a good weekend it was, what an awesome family Kent has. Feelin’ very lucky to have such fun and lovely people in my life. ’til next time, Tampa!