I’m so sad to see this semester go. It’s my last fall semester, my last December nights I’ll spend studying for an exam.

I love UCF. I love walking around and being in a constant flow of people. People who I have something in common with. A place where I’m on level playing ground with everyone else. Except the engineers. And the chemists. Shit, even the art majors, it’s gotta take guts to chase a curriculum with little promised at the end.
I’m sad to see this week go because it’s my last week as “that girl at Corner Cafe.” My last week of filling everyone’s coffee order, recognizing my customers by their favorite chicken wrap. The end of waking up at six to make coffee for the elderly folks who come for their weekly conference. 
I love my customers. My kindred weirdos at Corner Cafe who answered my questions (every single guy at UCF is a butt guy) and playing my games – I’m an awful name guesser, and apparently I look like a Jessica or a Megan. 
I’m sad to see this week go because I like my classes. Am I just the wishy washy queen? I go between my “uninspiring curriculum” and “I love my classes.” But, now that they’re going, I will miss them. I never thought I’d adore my criminal justice classes and getting into debates into the cost of the death penalty. I’ve become the queen of early American literature, Anne Bradstreet and I were probably friends in a past life. Best of all, I’ve mastered the art of balancing online classes (hopefully – I’ve got four of them next semester). 
I have a million memories here. 
I have another semester to go – and I already feel a longing to get my time back. I walk this coming spring, start an internship that will lead to bigger things, buy a car (I know. I know.). Time has been moving fast, and now it seems to be picking up the pace.

Let’s call this Nostaliga, part one. There will be more of these to come, friends.