Prepare yourselves for the Mullen photo bomb of the year

Hi hello howdy! Sat down at the kitchen table to get some study time in before exam week starts Monday – aaand ended up blogging. #typical. Ready for the week in photos? readysetgo! 

Thanksgiving came late this year but I ended up going home good ‘n early for break, I’ve been in Palm City for a week now. The Faj came and got me early Saturday and we trekked home to the Grateful Dead. 

The sister was excited to see me. I never had a dog growing up, but Libby’s reaction to my homecoming must be akin to the dog when you come home after a day of work. Minus the slobber. 
Disney trips are tha bawm. Spontaneous 24 hours ahead of the trip Disney plans are even BETTER. Tierney and Jeff were in town with Jeff’s sister, her husband, and their son Danny. Danny had never been to Disneyworld, so we took one for the team and went up Tuesday ;)
What is better than family? Jeff, Tierney, Danny, Craig, Paul, Cully, Griffin, Sarah, Lib & I took on a mildly cloudy and chilly day at the mouse house. It didn’t get above 70 and there were zero lines. 
aaaaand we loved it. 
Aaaand we loved it. 
I hadn’t been on Splash Mountain in YEARS, because I was terrified didn’t wanna get wet.
Spent Wednesday with this sick boy, who came over and slept in my lap for a couple hours while I started Once Upon A Time. I need a break from the crime shows and I’m loving this one so far. 
Keepin’ up the tradition, Thanksgiving morning we took Christmas card pictures.
There are only so many places in Stuart/Palm City/Jensen to take photos. We’ve done Downtown Stuart, Indian River Plantation park, the docks, the beach, yadayadayada. We went to Shepard’s Park this year, (which I’ve forever associated with homeless people). We ended up leaving early, but we snapped a few cute ones. 
How cute are my parents? Ugh. 
When I was a weeeee baby, I lived in Mariner Sands right next door to my grandparents. We moved shortly after that, but we always spent a lot of time in Mariner Sands. Christmas, Easter, Sunday afternoons at the pool, we were always over there. When my grandparents passed, we spent a lot less time over there, until my Aunt Tierney & Uncle Jeff bought the house a handful of years back.

In an effort to make Thanksgiving a less stressful event (feeding sixteen people ain’t no joke) we ate Thanksgiving dinner at the Mariner Sands Club.  
We hadn’t been there in seven or eight years and the whole place looked totally different. It’s probably a sin, but I didn’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving… I honestly don’t even like turkey all that much. I know, I’m not even American for saying that. After eating a ridiculous amount of crab dip, I had snapper and veggies for dinner. It felt wrong to finish my dinner and not be full to the point of self hatred. 
That said, it was ridiculously good. 

After dinner, I went over tha Blosser household. Cory has a Google Glass and so graciously took this picture of me. I’m cute.

The cutie Kinberger boys yesterday afternoon enjoyin’ leftovers post Black Friday shopping. 
(Kent finally ok’d a pair of pants. I almost cried.) 
Old Navy has some fancy threads for the guys these days. 50% off, an hour in line, and Cory Kinberga’ is stylin’ and profiling. After the mall torture, we ate leftovers and ended up at House of Brews where I had Terrapin Rye Pale Ale. And of course, it isn’t a night with a handful of boys without a YouTube sesh. This one gets me every time. 
This concludes the Mullen Photobomb. Please check around your seat for any personal belongings you may have brought onboard with you. On behalf of  ze Mullens and the entire crew, I’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future.
‘Til the next photobomb, friends. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!