Twenty one is the first age where I can honestly say I feel different. The Sunday after my birthday Kent and I pulled into Total Wine & Spirits. He turned to me and said, “I don’t think you have to be twenty one to go in here.” We kinda looked at each other for a second, it didn’t matter if you had to be twenty one. WEIRD. For years I’ve checked whether bars were 21+, what cover charges were for under 21, and praised the bar gods when I got banded for no reason. Not having to dodge the >21 thing hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

Kristen, Tyler & I grabbed sushi Tuesday night and I was carded for the first time by our darling asian waiter. When I told her she was the first to ID me, she squealed like I’d asked her to be my maid of honor. Then she stared at my ID for a good two minutes and told me I looked about eighteen. I drank my lemon raspberry cocktail thing and ate crawfish sushi. (note: this is the way to my heart) (sushi – not so much cocktails) (also note: beer > ).


Having Monday off this week has thrown me off. Tomorrow is FRIDAY and this week has slipped through my fingers. Sometimes (oftentimes) I get in these funks. Sometimes they’re brief fifteen minute weird moods and other times they crawl up under my skin and stay awhile. I was in one of these funks this evening. Not into my classes. Dreading work. Wearing a jacket that wasn’t warm enough. Came home and played Miley on repeat while I showered and screamed sang at the top of my lungs. And ya know what? Funk has left the building.

Largely what my week has consisted of. Besides work and the occasional study moment – I am drinking in my Nook books. Last year for my birthday Kent loaded it with over a hundred books that I’m yet to skim the surface of. Patricia Cornwell gets me every time, I’ve downed two of her books in the last four days.

I’ve been making a serious effort to get back into the exercise routine. It’s something on my 101 in 1001 list, but also something I enjoy doing… once I’m actually at the gym. Getting there is the challenge. Took this on my way to yoga class last night, the Arena is all Christmas’d up and I love it. Light up UCF goes up every holiday season, the tent on the righthand side is an ice skating rink. Not that I excel at ice skating. But I like that it’s there.

Skype snapshot from my lunch-break talk with Kent today. I feel it’s important to include the lunch-break part because who wears a baseball cap for a Skype session otherwise? Or a baseball cap at all? Can’t have you thinking I’m a recreational cap wearer. Strictly business. Also: Kent looks like he’s selling me a used car here. “… brand new, pre-owned Hyundai Sonata” (name that reference). 
This concludes my Thursday evening blog ramble. Your homework for next week is to watch this. Seriously. Made me smile. xoxo.