My favorite month is here! Thanksgiving, birthday, and (almost) Christmas – DOES IT GET BETTER? In honor of my favorite month, here’s a little Five Friday Favorites action.

1. Shop Vacs
The person who invented the water vacuum has my undying appreciation. The cafe I work at, the two restaurants we’re attached to, and our kitchen flooded this morning. Drains backed up so all the water came gushing out of our drains. Pooled around my feet. It was like working in a two inch murky puddle. Enter: Shop Vac. The fantastic water sucking machine couldn’t keep up with the water flow, but it definitely helped. If they make them in smaller sizes, it’s officially on my list of grown up things to buy.

2. Dachshunds of Instagram
My heart has such a soft spot for weinie dogs. Naturally, I follow @dachsundsofinstagram on IG. Now, normally I would mock any dog owner for dressing up their dog… but you can’t deny how cute these guys are!

3. Roadblocks After Arrest
In my Criminal Justice Systems class last night, we reviewed this study and I found it wildly fascinating. Florida is the 30th best state in the country for starting a life after arrest/time served. It covers different categories and how many roadblocks each state has in place. You’re probably thinking “but this will never be me!” Doesn’t matter. Being educated on this kinda thing will come in handy – and it’s kinda interesting. Did you know convicted felons can’t receive food stamps, public housing, and has to reapply to have civil rights? 
4. Mom Blogs
This is embarrassing. I follow a decent amount of “mom blogs” aka moms… who blog. I read their blogs through Feedly and follow their accounts on Instagram. I found a blog on Pinterest years ago and the amount of blogs I read has grown ever since. Kent even knows which ones are which, like I’ll say “Henny was a pirate” and he knows I’m talking about something I saw on Hey Natalie Jean. Before ya judge… they’re kinda interesting.

My favorites are Little Baby Garvin (@jlgarvin), Love Taza (@lovetaza), Elizabeth Ivie (@etellstales), Old, New & the Wee One Too (@latonyayvette), and @nicodust. 

5. Humans of New York (HONY)
Oh! My nosy self can be appeased. Humans of New York is one man’s effort to take a “photographic census” of New York City’s residents. It’s incredible. Kent and I clicked through hundreds of them over the weekend, some of them made us laugh and others stuck to my insides and made me cry.

This one, for example.
On that note – I am home early from work because I was the Shop Vac queen. Long, hot shower accomplished and I’m going to sink into bed and watch Law and Order while I stitch! 
Happy Weeeeeekend!