hi hello welcome! 
this girl that I’ve known for more than half of my life turned twenty one this weekend and we went to Miami for the occasion. This girl is (mac)kenzie, my neighbor since third grade. I harassed her on the bus until she came over to my house and we’ve been friends ever since. Pushy friendship tactics aside, she is my longest and best friend. 
The best way to describe it is this: we were getting ready to go somewhere when we were in middle school (probably the mall – ugh). She asked if me if I thought she looked alright, before I could answer she said, “don’t tell me I look good when I really look bad, just so you can look better.” Kenz is that friend who tells you that you look like shit and red lipstick makes you look like a clown.
She’s not a ‘shots shots shots’ kinda gal, so in honor of turning twenty one, her grandma coordinated a weekend of relaxation in Miami. 
I’m not exactly a good judge of patios, considering my balcony in Orlando overlooks a pool filled with beer cans. Pretty sure we can agree this is a killer view to wake up to. Great, moving on! 
I am just plain BAD at manual shooting on my camera. I have a vague idea of how to use it in normal light, but indoors I am hopeless. Evidence. Twenty five of us gathered at Egg & Dart in Midtown + ate some of delicious greek food. Grandma Susie is quite the planner and had some of Kenzie’s photography at each seat with the menu on the back. 
Dressing up makes everything more fun, no? Not pictured are the four inch (and too big) heels I almost fell on my face in wore. Kenz hunted high and low for the perfect black dress + went with this one from Express which I thought looked SMASHING! 
Look! I have a cute friend! 
Can I just mush about the food!? It was “rustic greek” otherwise known as heaven for the carb lover. Pita, zucchini chipz, pita, goat cheese croquettes, pita, and then some more pita. Moussaka came after that, which was as good tasting as it is fun to say. moussaka! moussaka! moussaka! + then Kenz delved into donuts covered in sugar and honey *insert face of donut pleasure* and THEN! we had cake! I sat in the corner and politely declined everything sugary, carby and fattening.
Just kidding, I ate it all. 
On the right is Kenz cradling my greek food baby. Which is still here, by the way. 
My favorite picture, Kenz and her Dad right after we sang Happy Birthday.
Got up Saturday morning, did yoga, read People cover to cover twice, laid back in bed… and then an hour later Kenzie decided to awaken her princess self. Girl could sleep until three thirty if you let her. We ate lunch at the hotel, there’s Kenz with her cappuccino. We both ended up wearing our black maxis to breakfast… which looks like you’re standing in a black tube from my angle. I pretended I was an alien in a weird black hovertube for the rest of the morning. 

Spent tha day by the ocean getting little glimpses of sun through the clouds. Perfect laying out weather, breezy & not blazing hot. Kenz ordered her first legal drink and didn’t get carded! Boo. We napped, ate chicken fingers, and got ready for dinner round two with Grandma Susie & Papa Hal.

Grandma Susie & Papa Hal are the cutest. We all ate at The Palm last night in honor of Kenzie’s birthday (again, this girl is spoiled y’all) and Hal told us about how he lived on nine dollars a week while he was studying at John Hopkins. Nine dollars will buy you a bottle of nail polish & a bottle of Diet Coke today, it’s hard to imagine life seventy years ago. Yeah, Papa Hal is 89 and swims 40 laps every morning – he’s basically what we all aspire to be at his age, the ultimate grandpa. Remember that time I mushed for half a blog post about Kent’s grandparents? I should stop while I’m ahead. They were so inviting and kind, how can I not mush!? 
We spent the rest of the night in the hotel room laughing hysterically at New Girl YouTube clips of Schmidt. There aren’t many people I know who want to spend the night of their 21st birthday in yoga pants and not wasted in a club. Feelin’ pretty darn lucky to have such a fantastic person in my life, even if she listens to music too loud for my granny self. It was one my favorite weekends in a long time and I’m glad to be back in the good ole’ 407 to start another week. 
Not to crash Kenz’s birthday post… but my birthday is now only three weeks away y’all ;) 
Happy weekend, friends! xoxo