Orlando is finally starting to feel like October. I have a ten (!) page paper due tomorrow and I haven’t started it because I’m still in weekend mode. Kent just left, something he usually does on a Sunday, and here I am in bed wearing flannels and watching The Little People. The definition of a Sunday, BUT IT IS TUESDAY! I had the day off work today in honor of Kent being here for a longggg weekend and I’m lovin’ it.

so: the nannerversary weekend in photographs!

Kristen, Tyler & I have been attempting to get our apartment to feel a little less like an apartment and more cozy. Friday night, Kristen and I went on a FOUR HOUR grocery/thrifting trip and picked up a few things to warm up the apartment. Saturday morning, the three of us hit a few garage sales in the UCF area. My priiiized grab? Weinie dog bookends. I got excited and started painting them before I took a “before” picture, but he was an ugly dog. Black, cracked, white plaster showing through. A couple coats of paint and he’s good as new :) 
Bub rolled into town Saturday evening and we spent the night makin’ fajitas and watching crime shows (Disappeared Season 5 is on Netflix!!). Sunday, we went to IKEA. On the way there, we stopped by Joann’s so I could start yet another craft project: 
Cross-stitch ;) My inner old lady is comin’ out strong
Such a trooper, winding through IKEA with me while I sat on every couch and ran my hands along all the carpets. My clear tray holding all my cross stitch junk was an IKEA purchase… 1.50 haaay! 
We decided we’re fans of white kitchens and meatballs. So many meatballs. 

I had class Monday morning and we munched on Mellow Mushroom for lunch (thank ya, Groupon). Their magic mushroom soup? HEAVEN. Monday night we went to Baldwin Park to Farris & Foster’s Chocolate Factory to make chocolate! 
If anyone has a sweet tooth, it is Kent Blosser. Totally patted myself on the back for this one. We were the only two there, and we made a pound of chocolate between the two of us. 
They had a couple of options, you could make cups of chocolate and fill them with toppings, truffles, chocolate covered Oreos, Twinkies, pretzels, graham crackers, and potato chips. Dark chocolate covered potato chips are pretty darn good. 
They had a conveyer belt that looked like something off of ‘Unwrapped’ where you put your thing to be chocolate covered (Oreos for Kent) and the machine did it’s thing. 

An hour flew by and we had white chocolate and Nutella cups, pistachio and dark chocolate, handmade Almond Joys, and dark & white chocolate covered Oreos. #fat #fat #fat

Kent and his Almond Joy creation

Then we sat by the lake in Baldwin Park and had ourselves a picnic! It ended up being a reaaally breezy night and we sat and watched joggers, dog walkers, and kids chasing ducks. Kent is NOT a fan of having his picture taken every .5 seconds, but he put up with it this weekend. 
It was as perfect of a weekend as it could have been. Kent is the kindest, sweetest, and most compassionate person I’ve ever met, with the purest heart and best intentions. I feel blessed everyday that I’m with someone as special as he is. 
End of my sappy weekend boyfriend post. 
Happy Tuesday friends!