It seems wrong to type ‘relaxation’ in capital letters, too shout-y for such a smooth word, no? Either way: hi.  I’m in bed, with a pumpkin cinnamon candle lit, fresh out the shower, and in my favorite pair of Kent’s flannel pants. If there is a heaven, all of the aforementioned things are there.

In the past few months, having night time to myself has helped me re-remember how much I love to unwind. For the better part of the past year, I’ve had Kent around in the night time, someone to talk to, watch TV with, devour half (or the whole) box of Oreos with. If you had asked me two months ago, I wouldn’t have traded my together nighttimes for alone ones.

oh, but how I’ve come to like being alone.

I come home from yoga, class, work, and the first thing I do, is something for myself. I friended a past Creative Writing teacher on Facebook, where I read one of her status’ talking about how to survive as a teacher. She talked about how right when she got home from work, she took a little time and did something for herself. Laying down for fifteen minutes, taking a shower, making oatmeal, whatever feels right that day. Then, from there, go about the rest of your daily chores, be it homework, going to the gym, or cooking dinner.

It has stuck with me, the “take five for you” wisdom, and I’ve slowly sewed it into my daily schedule. I crave nights to come, so I can crawl into my bed and read my book. Never have I been one to take time to center my thoughts, I’ve always just said what comes to mind and expressed what I thought – right then and there. The quiet time with myself is teaching me to be quiet in real life. Learn how to listen better and keep my words to myself, because shockingly – every thought that crosses my mind does not need to be verbalized. There are times I literally chastise myself for talking to much, as if I’m getting on my own nerves.

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and it couldn’t be more accurate for myself. I start 98% of these blog posts with something along the lines of , “hi, I’m doing _____” and I just brain dump until I feel like it’s done. Right now, I feel like this is done.

Goodnight :)