Today is Sunday, which means a lot today 

2. Bunting making 
3. Twin Peaks watching 
4. Gay club attending 
Let’s start on the highlights, my love was here this weekend. It was for such a shoooort glimpse of a visit – but a visit none the less! 
Skittered on over to tailgating on Saturday morning, we played USC and tha fans were eeeeverywhere. I was in the glory of football for about twenty minutes when I got a spot of cell reception and got a slew of texts to the tune of “heeeeey answer your phone I’m here” so I ran home and there he was! My Kent! My cute cute man who I just adore. 
We did the Kent and Kate things that always transpire, snacks and naps, movies and longgggggg walks in the b-b-beautiful Orlando weather. 

In other less note worthy weekend happenings, I absolutely ruined a brisket. Rubbed it down in a good ole spice blend, marinated it overnight, and threw it in the crock pot. It wasn’t my first brisket rodeo, low n slow wins the race, but not today. I stuck a fork in it to break it up and was met with a brick of meat. Not sure where I went wrong, but the crock pot leftover onions were insaaaaane. 

Kent got into town Saturday around one and left today around two. Twenty five deeelicious hours that ended this morning with tea at the Starbs. I’m a devoted passion tea drinker – but Kent had this black tea & lemonade nonsense that was delicious. 
Now, I sit in my bed working on my current project & watching Twin Peaks. I looked up the highest rated shows on Netflix since Breaking Bad is coming to an end TONIGHT! I need something to fill the void – and fast. Kent was telling me that NASA is doing a study where you stay in bed for two months and they monitor what happens to your body. This got us thinking about the shows we would watch if we had to stay in bed for two months, Kent said he’d give LOST a try. I just loveeee my crime shows, so I picked this late 80’s drama called Twin Peaks. It’s only got two seasons (booo) but so far – it’s good! Real quirky and the life in the late eighties is so damn… lame. 
After Kent hit the road I decided it was ample time for a new bunting. It’s the cheapest way to cover a decent amount of wall space, and with high ceilings my room looks naaaked. Oh, and there’s the Triscuits I ate for dinner with my crock pot onions and some carrots. Yaaaay Kate. 
My roomz just texted me asking if I wanted to go to a gay club with her, and because class is cancelled in the morning, I’m going for it. Raaather uncharacteristic for lazy homebody k8 but to tha bar we go! wish me luck & happy weekend friends :*