hello hello monday hello!

multi tasking some Netflix while I write this overdue blog post. Totally infatuated with all things Investigation Discovery, since last spring I’ve exhausted all the episodes of Solved, Disappeared, and Stalked. I’m re-watching my first love, L&O SVU, right now.

I have bright and brilliant things to report: I have figured out the perfect salad! the good where I work is pretty darn good, but after almost a year of it – things get stale. I’ve been ravaging the salad bar lately, and I’ve got my ultimate salad down to a tee. (a t? a tea? ti?) first of all: I do not like wet salads. I want to taste my lettuce and my fixin’s, not drenched in dressing. second of all: ratio is everythang. I can’t have a pile of toppings left over when my lettuce is gone.

without further adieu, ze salad of ze century
half romaine, half spinach (arugala is preferable – but who has time/money for arugala? not this girl)
a weee bit of feta
garbanzo beans
sunflower seeds
Caesar dressin’
THA BEST. tha absolute best, my friends.

In other grand news, I have my first test of the semester on Wednesday. How have I managed to go over a month without a test, I’m not sure. But I’m not complaining. Speaking of complaining, remember that time I was complaaaining about how I didn’t like my classes this semester? I retract former comments. I am in love with my Corporate Social Responsibility class, I’ve soaked in case studies about Ben and Jerry’s, Nike and sweatshops, Bophal chemical disasters – basically the things that keep my boat afloat. so my studying hasn’t been really arduous since I like the topic.

My Kent may come up this weekend, another boat floating prospect. I went to the dentist today and there were zeeero cavities on my chompers. (very happy news – I haven’t been to the dentist in two years) BREAKING BAD? ANYONE? Last night’s episode was pretty darn good. When the final episode comes next week, I’m anticipating that bittersweet feeling you experience after finishing a good book. The story is finished and that’s satisfying – but it’s over. & finally, a photo dump of my life lately.

bubba last time he was here :* (squinty eyes 4ever)

my favorite candle purchase to date. fall in a jar without being overly floral. 

Found this in the dollar section of Target and it made me laaaaugh. Target always has the best stuff, amiright?
Me & Tony at work last week // A silhouette I made of Kent. Mom apparently thinks I’m dating Abraham Lincoln. When I told her later that I actually made it, she apologized profusely and begged me not to tell Kent she thought it looked like ole’ Abe. I couldn’t help myself though, sorry Mom :)

Snapshots from a library study sesh with the SALAD OF THE CENTURY. 
my jam this week:
happy monday!!