I am a textbook extrovert. Rarely do I crave my own space and to be alone. I’ve always enjoyed being around others. I read once that what truly defines someone as an extrovert or an introvert is how they are energized. If being around people fuels you, you’re an extrovert. If it exhausts you, you’re an introvert.

The fall semester marked a lot of changes in my otherwise unchanging routine. I moved into an apartment with three strangers, my boyfriend moved away, and my group of friends changed drastically. 
These things, change, must happen. To have all of those things shift around the same time has been challenging at times. For the first time in ages, I had to make an effort to socialize. If I didn’t, I would have come home to a quiet apartment and certainly gone insane. 
Initially, I watched a lot of Netflix. Breaking Bad, actually. I’m almost caught up with the episodes that are currently airing. Watched an episode the other night that got my heart racing so much that I had to pause it for a minute. No joke. 
But – I don’t want to look back on my last year of college and remember the hours I spent watching Netflix. So, I’ve forced myself out of my comfort box. Literally forced. I had to pep talk myself into staying in my hot yoga class last week when a very sweaty, loud, shirtless Turkish man put his mat veeeery close to mine. I joined a club, started going to a bible study, and I’m doing hot yoga a couple nights a week. & I took on an additional class through Nicole’s Classes on Adobe Illustrator which I am in LOVE with. More of that goodness here. 
All that aside, I’ve learned to like my time with myself. Honestly, I have never really been alone. I lived in a very loud and busy household growing up, with my friends my first two years of college, and Kent has been constantly present since we started dating. There has never been alone time like there is now. Initially, I hated it. We can blame my first week of the semester funk on it. But now… shockingly – I like it. I looked forward all day to coming home, eating a Greek yogurt for dessert, and reading my book. Quick sidenote: if you eat Chobani, make sure your yogurts aren’t moldly! Read about that here.

Working on a couple new things for ze blog that I should have up soon, but other than that, I have nothing else to report to you anonymous secretive readers. Have a good week :*