Veeeeery excited to report that I’m getting the hang of Illustrator. Actually, I’m kind of in love. I ran home in the pooouring rain, took a hot shower, and have been playing amateur designer ever since. With a brief break to eat leftovers for dinner, and then a spoonful of Nutella for dessert.

I’m taking classes from Nicole’s Classes, which were on sale last weekend. I took it as my sign from the Adobe gods. The application downloaded to my computer in five minutes, and I’ve been watching the videos through the week, fiddling with Illustrator in between. (and listening to that god awful Miley Cyrus song that I hate to love).

Skyped with Kent tonight and go so caught up in showing him all the junk I learned, I forgot I’d left him on ‘Share Screen,’ until he impatiently told me he was Skyping with me to see my face. Not my fonts. Sorry, babe.


LET ME PREFACE: they’re low quality because I skipped my video on how to properly save documents for web viewing. I’ll do this, eventually. In the meantime, you will have to deal. and! I am no designer friends, don’t get your hopes up too high :*

This was my homework assignment, I had to make a 16×20 poster with whaaatever I wanted on it. I ended up with something reminiscent of my MySpace About Me section (anybody else? no? ok.) I couldn’t just slap type on the page, so I fiddled with my name on the bottom and manipulated some of the letters. VOILA!
My main lady since the third grade is comin’ over tomorrow, and then perhaps having a social life for the evening. la la la have a great weekend everyone!
also: my jam right now