Good morning from my parent’s couch. Sitting here, drinking iced coffee, watching Pioneer Woman. I’ve been home since Thursday afternoon and I couldn’t be happier if I tried. With Labor Day, Dad’s birthday, and Libby’s birthday on Tuesday, I kinda had to come home. (and I wanted to see Kent. but that goes without saying, no?) 

The Faj came and picked me up after work on Thursday, turned back around, and drove another two hours back home. ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Whatta guy. Before running going to see Kent, Mom and I went to Marshall’s. I tried on a couple dresses, nothing monumental, but walked out with some Minnetonkas :). 

When I got to the Blosser residence, Fantasy Football was going down. Kent always does a league with his friends, but the family is doing their own league this year. He got so wrapped up in helping Nanny get good draft picks, a handful of his own picks got autopicked because he was so distracted. Ha ha haaa. 

This sassy baby faced boy was hanging on the fridge. SO CUTE.

Remember that dress that I tried on in Marshall’s, but wasn’t that great? That perfect length, pretty neckline-d, delicious material, black dress?  I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. I’m gonna have to do some cardio / buy spanx to wear it, but I’ll put ten dollars on it being in my closet by the time I leave. 

On a shopping note – we went to the Gardens on Saturday. In hot pursuit of a homecoming dress for the pickiest girl in the entire world Sarah. H&M came through for us Mullens again, and she walked out with a lace dress. And I walked out with a shirt. And a maxi skirt. And a necklace. In H&M (where I found my prom dress), they found these hats. Hats that are so ugly, I can’t imagine someone wearing them in the name of fashion. I told them to make awkward faces, and I took a picture. Kent’s really got that awkward face down pat.. 

Saturday wore on, we talked about bowling, movies, but nothing sounded good. We opted for making Crunchwrap supremes at home and a frozen yogurt trip. Kent and I normally share, but he betrayed me last night by getting piña colada and strawberry (gag). 

Two Januarys ago, I gave up caffeine for a year. I’m good at that – giving things up for a year. I did soda, Cheetos, caffeine. In the process of avoiding ice cream. Caffeine wasn’t a hard thing to get rid of, I didn’t miss it when we broke up. When I got my job at the coffee shop last semester, I started drinking espresso during my shifts. Exam week came, and I was drinking four shots of espresso. My love for caffeine has rekindled with a vengeance, and I’m drinking morning coffee and tea in the afternoon. I’m drinking Kent’s iced coffee I got him yesterday and he neglected, right now. 

Rambling account of the weekend has come to an end. Back to Orlando on Tuesday morning. I’m starting my Illustrator classes this week as well! Weeeeeee bye!