rather happy to report that I awoke this morning in a really good mood. we can go ahead and write last week off as a “funk.” a funk isn’t a bad mood, more a state of mind, where things stick to your skin instead of rolling off your back. I’m not sure why such moods come about, but they come and go from time to time. the stress of first week classes, moving in, and leaving home kinda wore me out mentally and emotionally, and I suppose my heart and mind took a break last week. 
we can blame this funk on why I’ve watched three (three!) seasons of Breaking Bad since friday night. I can attest to the healing powers of Netflix and grilled cheese alongside a lazy weekend. It never fails, my friends. 
Kent came and visited me today! I skirted over the topic in my last post – but Kent is back home in the good ole 772 for awhile. maybe permanently.  maybe for a month. It’s all up in the air. however, for the sake of finances, sanity, and opportunity – my boy is living back home. when he made the decision about a month ago, I was real bummed out. but what girl wouldn’t be? over the last year Kent has become my partner in crime, the idea of conquering Orlando without him was a little daunting. he came up last week, and was in town today for the afternoon. it’s funny how five hours can fill your happiness tank to the veeery top.

It’s forcing me out of my comfort zone, I could stay home every night, watch TV and crochet. I could. (Side note: I started making a basket last night and ended up with slippers..) Being a homebody wasn’t bad when I had Kent to laze around with, but lonely laze-ing is not preferable and rather dull. 
This has brought about my New (school) Year Resolutions! 
1. Take up yoga 
2. Spend more time on campus 
3. Improve Photoshop and Illustrator skills 
4. Get involved 
The first three won’t be hard, but the last one is going to be a struggle for me. I hate clubs and going to meetings. I didn’t enjoy it in high school, and I tried the PR club here at UCF. Just not into it. But I gotta do it, laziness is not on the agenda this year y’all :)