let’s start with this, i’ve been a bad blogger. i have all kindsa stuff to write about, but life has gotten in tha way. half hearted apologies aside, here’s a little state of the union:

i have a new apartment! i moved in this past saturday and things are shaping up. stacks of things are laying where they shouldn’t, i just removed my lamp from my bathroom counter today, and i have a pile of fifteen picture frames piled under my desk. i have a waaaaays to go.

what is an apartment without a polaroid display?
side note: i’m rather proud of that bunting which was a last minute diy.
i’m slated to graduate this summer, and i’m excited for that. but kinda dishearteningly (is that a word?), i’m not excited for fall classes. or the idea of spring classes. or summer classes, for that matter. after switching from ad/pr, this interdisciplinary studies major has been a saving grace and a crock of bullshit. it’s great because i get to graduate nice and early, but the classes i’m allowed to take are kinda lame. my schedule consists of: 
– women in literature
– american literature
– corporate responsibility 
– criminal justice systems
– ethics in the criminal justice system

but – as an interdisciplinary student, i have one minor and two areas of concentration. my mass communication minor is almost done, so none of the aforementioned classes go towards that. but, i’ve got a letters and languages area, as well as a public affairs area. both of which were chosen because i had pre-existing credits that fell into those topics – and i could use those to pull my graduation date a little bit closer. i just don’t care about women in literature. nor do i care about american literature. i love to read, but not about the iroquois and their preferred story telling methods. nope. nope. nope. 
public affairs lets you take classes like “volunteer management” and “hazard mitigation and preparedness” and “disaster response and recovery.” but as an interdisciplinary student, those aren’t available to me. basically, IDS lets you dip your toes into just about anything you want, but you can’t take the majority of the courses. which is annoying, because i kinda wanna take one of these odd public affairs courses. not that i’ll ever need disaster response (god willing) or hazard mitigation. but they do sound kinda interesting, no? 
but! kent came (unexpectedly) to the rescue to solve these minor first week of school funks. he had an interview he scheduled foreeeever ago with a woman on campus, and that called for coming up a day early. naturally.
so we did things that kate and kent do. we ate vietnamese food (this alone could cure any lingering doubts about life), wandered around target and spent the rest of the night eating greek yogurt popsicles and watching dateline reruns. i woke up good ‘n early for work this morning, and then met up with kent to close out our storage unit before he made the journey back home this afternoon. 

i took the polaroid on the left last night, after many attempts of getting kent to make a kissy face for the camera. i found the one on the right on my dresser when i got back today. how cute is that boy of mine? i’ll answer that – real darn cute. 
that’s all i’ve got for now, more flattering apartment photos to come, my friends. 
ps: i just finished “dark places” by gillian flynn and it was GOOD. capital letters GOOD. if you haven’t read “gone girl” by her, go ahead + sink your teeth into that, and then go for dark places. both are kinda dark and a little fucked up, but that’s what makes a book good, right? c; 
pss: note i renamed the blog :o the craftern was too difficult for people to understand the first time around, and explaining the meaning behind it was getting old. so, newer and simpler name has taken place!