Picked up my beloved Macbook yesterday and I’m back in business. I dropped it off last week to the Apple store for a tune up before I went back to school. (I move in on Saturday :o!) So, neglected blog space, I give you the last two weeks through my iPhone. 
The last few weeks in July were hectic, I had pulled out two pairs of shorts, a handful of shirts, a dress or two, and everything else is in storage. So for the last month, I’ve been wearing my favorite jean shorts and a pair of navy J. Crew shorts. I’ve had these jean shorts since my sophomore year of high school (thats… five years) and the zipper is broken on them. Rather than fix them, buy new shorts, or throwing them away – I wear them anyways. Initially only with shirts long enough to cover my broken zipper, but the whole two pairs of shorts for a month has brought me to desperate places. Meaning, I walk around in public with a zipper that looks like it’s down 24/7. The same delirium has brought me to buy white pants. I’m so weird about white pants, they look cute on other girls, but when I wear them I feel very Michael Jackson / 80’s. So, I’ve avoided them for the past twenty years of my life, but caved last weekend. Still feeling weird about them. 
If you follow me on instagram (@katemullenz) you’ve probably seen all these other photos. This is because all I’ve done is eat and crochet for the past week and a half. The circular rug is made of Kent’s old shirts and a bed sheet he tried to throw out. I’ll put up a tutorial one of these days, it’s super easy and an easy way to get into crocheting. Then the checkered blanket is coming along, as well. I’m really good at buying yarn with no definitive project in mind, and that results in a yarn basket with twenty skeins of yarn… so I’ve promised myself I’d do something about it and use the yarn I have before buying more.
Last night, Sarah and Lib went with me to the Food Truck Invasion in downtown Stuart. It’s been going on every Monday night since the beginning of summer. We went, Sarah had a Monster Burger (potato chips, mozzarella, portobello mushrooms, lettuce, + tomato), Libby had a Bleu and Bacon grilled cheese (bacon, bleu cheese, green onion on sourdough) and I had an Italian grilled cheese (mozzarella, basil, tomato, cream cheese on sourdough). And maybe a birch beer float. Even though I swore off soda and ice cream indefinitely. When at food trucks, break all dietary rules, right? It was so darn good, we all decided Libby’s grilled cheese was the best pick of the night. We sat in the memorial park in the scarce shade and munched. 
You’ll notice the ice cream cone picture… frozen yogurt is different than ice cream. I can have that ;) 
What have you been up to?