I finally moved out of my apartment this past weekend. My parents came up on Sunday to help me get everything into a storage unit, my apartment cleaned up, and the remainder of my things situated at Kent’s house. After the moving misery was finished, we all had lunch at Lazy Moon. Libby was happy because the enormous slice of pizza was instagram gold.

Getting my sisters and Kent to smile for a picture is damn near impossible. I usually end up with pictures like this:

So I was a very happy camper to get this semi happy picture of my sisters & Kent together, and then this other one of Kent was pretty darn cute, too.

After lunch, the Mullens packed up and went to Gainesville. Sarah is coming up on her senior year and so she’s touring colleges to get an idea of what she wants. I never applied to University of Florida when I was a senior. Mainly, because I found the whole elitist attitude of UF to be completely annoying. I remember starting the application one afternoon in Marketing, and the application page’s header was blue and orange UF Crocs. At that point, I totally gave up on UF and set my sights on UCF.

Oh, but I wish I hadn’t. I love UCF and my time here has been great. Looking back, the experience I wanted to get out of college just wasn’t what UCF has to offer. When you’re at UF, you’re surrounded by the immense amount of school pride and all that mushy good stuff that UCF doesn’t have.

The campus has that traditional feel to it, when we were touring on Monday my Dad kept saying it reminded him of Yale.


Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to transfer to UF. I had two years under my belt, Kent was thinking about joining the Air Force, and I had that annoying itch to change something in my life. So, about two hours after the idea popped into my head, I applied for a transfer. I wrote about it back in February and again in April. Since I came in with an entire year of credits from Dual Enrollment, transferring to UF would take me an additional two years to graduate. Which would leave me graduating on time in 2015, but I could graduate from UCF a year from now. Practicality wins sometimes, and it ended up being a better move to stay at UCF.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t get all lusty for Gainesville when I’m there. So naturally, all weekend I kept telling Sarah why I wished I’d gone there. Why I wish I had been able to go to a college where football is actually a thing, and not a reason to get out of class early. 
But, Mullens will be Mullens and we are stubborn as hell. I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment the other day, and told Kent, wow, I really am stubborn! I got one of those “oh darling I had no idea” responses that really says “YES I’M COMPLETELY AWARE OF YOUR INSANELY THICK HEADED TENDENCIES.” Sarah has kept her mouth shut about what she thinks about everything, I know she’ll end up wherever is right for her though.

Coffee and multigrain bagels before our tour on Monday. Side note: multigrain means there’s a bunch of grains in your bread/bagel – not necessarily the entire grain or even whole grains. Whole grain means the entire grain and all it’s whole grain nutrition are in your bread, bagel, wrap, pita, whateva. I’m onto you, Dunkin’ Donuts. 
Another side note: Dunkin’ Donuts who are required to post their calorie counts on their menu boards saw something like a 40% drop in sales in those locations. Probably because a single Munchkin has 70 calories. When I realized that, all my questions about my childhood chubbiness became clear. I ate those bad boys by the handful. 

We left Monday afternoon and inbetween little naps, we talked about how much we all liked UF. In the back of my mind I thought about UCF, and all of it’s low key greatness. It was what I wanted initially, and then I wanted to break up with it, and now we’re back together. Truth be told – UCF ain’t a bad place to be. I’ll be out of here in exactly a year (hallelujah summer graduations) so I gotta enjoy it while I can.