Allow me to clarify, infinite free Candy Crush lives. You’re probably as addicted committed as I am to Candy Crush, and waiting thirty minutes for one life is torturous and unnecessary.

Here’s how it works: 
1. Use up all your precious CC lives
2. Open up Settings > General > Date & Time
3. Scoot the date ahead one day. (You may have to disable ‘Set Automatically’ for this)
4. Reopen Candy Crush and gaze happily at your full lives
5. IMPORTANT! Now go back to Settings, and bring the date back to normal, by turning ‘Set Automatically’ back on. 
If you don’t switch back before emptying your arsenal of lives, here’s what you get…
If you get too caught up in your Candy Crushing to switch back, and up with this, fear not! 
Open Settings back up, and scoot the day ahead a day or two. When you reopen CC, you will have full lives. Then make sure to go switch the date back to the right one. CC’s timer stops when lives are full, so it can be circumvented for obsessive Candy Crush play. 

Note: I would recommend switching ‘Set Automatically’ back on after you’re done playing, the constant switching can throw off your iPhone sometimes. I haven’t tried this for Android, but I’m sure it can be done!