Slacking on just about everything these past few days, Kent came down with some nasty head cold and now it’s my turn to be stuffy and hazy for a few days. I left bed momentarily yesterday to eat hummus for dinner, but otherwise things are quiet and boring around here. 


On a productive note, I did paint my nails. Essie’s ‘Meet Me At Sunset’ – in case you’re loving it as much as I am. 

We laid around, watched Disappeared (obsession is back in full swing), and religiously took Advil Congestion. Watched Hope Springs and I was satisfied. It was cute, but nothing I’d recommend or watch again. This movie came second to Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, which was passed up on ONLY because I couldn’t find it. 

Almost forgot (!!!) the blanket is DONE! I threw a border on that bad boy yesterday afternoon and now I’m just weaving in my loose ends. 
Oh, and on top of being the best caretaker and alka seltzer maker, Kent has found a promising job! I take it back, there’s plenty going on regardless of my sick girl status. The Blosser fam will be here tonight and Kent’s birthday is on Monday…  Head cold, go away. I got shit ta do.