Spent the weekend in Palm City (hellz yes) and now I’m back in Orlando chugging along with summer classes. Now that the Fourth is over, it’s the official countdown to Fall. My favorite favorite faaaavorite time of year. 

ze Mullens got adventurous and went paddle boarding! We rented two boards and went out for an hour, alternating who got the solo board. There was a little instruction part about how to paddle without killing your upper body – and I obviously didn’t absorb it. Ya girl was sooooore the next morning. 
FINALLY got to swing by Stuart Ceramics and pick up the bowl I did months ago. In a totally corny way, it’s exciting to see something you made come together and end up how you envisioned it. 
small confession: I have ANXIETY about cutting my hair. The guy who cuts my hair, Josh, has to talk me off a ledge every time I sit in his chair, where I ultimately cut off like two inches and then stare in the mirror for an hour like something monumental has happened.  ANYWAYS: My hair was about to hit my belly button (only a little exaggeration) and I had to give myself a motivational speech every night to brush through the miserable tangled mess. SO, I CUT THAT SHIT OFF.  
You’re like “but Kate… it looks longish still.” IT WAS SEVEN INCHES OF HAIR! 

Moooooving along, we took this selfie at a (red) light on the way to Monster’s University. Which I loved. I have some admiration for Pixar, they cater to the parents and the children without being inappropriate. When was the last time you were in a movie and you weren’t uncomfortable at some point another sitting next to your Mom? (This Is The End was one of those “I wish I was here with anyone else” kinda movies. Nawt Mom material.)

Who is the creature on the left?
Certainly not my about-to-be-in-high-school baby sister.
Not her.

Sarah sat down for breakfast and put her Pillow Pet in the chair next to her.
At least I don’t have to worry about her growing up. 
Finally – ate lunch at Panera for the first time in AGES with Lisa. After working there for three years, the shitty food has a certain dose of nostalgia laced in it’s sodium bomb soups. (Also: how did I eat Chipotle Chickens with Brocolli Cheddar everyday and wear a size 0? Come back sixteen year old metabolism, I love you. I miss you.) Anyways, Kent has heard about Lisa a jillion times and was totally floored when he found out Lisa is actually forty years old. (Maybe 39. Don’t shoot me if you read this, Lisa.) He couldn’t wrap his head around a twenty year old girl being friends with someone twice her age, but seriously – Lisa is a bad ass. The hour and a half we sat at lunch was more enjoyable than the lame conversations I have with girls my age. 
ok, haircut, paddle boarding, Panera, ceramic, girl crush rambling over
hope your weekends were great!