After a really stressful Wednesday (I have a sassy blog post about how much I hate my apartment complex coming veeeery soon), Kent and I eventually got on the road for HOME! Not sure when your parent’s house stops being “home,” but right now Palm City still feels like home. We got in late, so we rested up for FOURTH FESTIVITIES! 
One of my faaav mom blogs Little Baby Garvin is tha queen of festive breakfasts and Mom was kinda in the mood to follow suit. Strawberry and blueberry waffles were fantastic. Best part was watching Dad trying to work the waffle iron though – the man spent five minutes trying to figure out how to open it while we all sat and laughed watched.
We spent the day at the Mariner Sands pool. I’m all into this new crochet project right now, and there’s nothing nicer than sitting in the sun and crocheting at the same time. Sometimes, I write things like that and I cringe. I sound middle aged. Or worse – elderly. We ate lunch, swam, sunned & eventually left home to get ready for going downtown! 
Maj and Faj grilled tuna steaks (nom) for dinner, and we left for Downtown Stuart around seven. People everywhere. Literally, pressed up against fences, crammed on the dock, and sitting on top of cars. They had food trucks, face painters, bounce houses, and everything else going on. We meandered down, past Kilwin’s (almost painful to walk-by without going inside), and to the dock. 
Recipe for irritation:
– Florida heat
– Large groups of people
– Confining space
Downtown Stuart was borderline hellacious. Dad was all “told you we should have stayed home,” and after twenty minutes of exploring we found a tiny space against the rail to stand. Ten minutes later, drippy sweaty Faj had the idea to go back to the car, and drive to the top of the hospital parking garage. Every 4th from now on – you will find the Mullens on top of the hospital garage. People were tailgating, kids were lying on top of mini-vans with blankets, there were S’MORES for crying out loud. Easy to get in, easy to get out, NOT A LOT OF HUMANS, and you could sit in the air conditioning if ya wanted. Hellz yes. All that aside – Stuart puts on some pretty decent fireworks. 

Then we took on the task of writing with sparklers. Thanks to my pretty Canon that I bought earlier this year and the magic manual setting, we succeeded. Embarassingly – I don’t know much about using my camera on Manual. Yeaaaaah, I know. I have a nice camera and basically use Auto all the time. Whatever. We turned the knob to M… and it worked fine. I fiddled with the shutter speed a little, but the aperture and everything else worked beautifully. 

Sarah’s completely unamused face kills me. 
Hope your Fourth was uncrowded, sparkler filled, and funz.