This past weekend was fantastic, which led up to my last week here in the city :(

Quick recap:

Last Friday, we went out on Jeff’s boat for dinner. He’s the captain of the Bateaux, which is a dinner boat out of Chelsea Piers. We went along with their neighbors, Mark and Tina. The weather was gorgeous. It got down to the high 60’s and we got an incredible view of the city.

So. Darn. Pretty.
Saturday morning I went exploring, and ended up in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In my past trips to the city, I’ve been through just about every museum except this one. So I got lost (literally) wandering the different exhibits and looking at some really incredible stuff. 
excuse my iphone-tography

These were totem poles from Australia back maaaany years ago. 
The left is a stingray made of different pieces of art. On the right, the ‘glory hole’ made me laugh.
Their rooftop garden was up there on my list of favorites, the 360 view was especially nice because the weather was beeeeautiful. Then a selfie of me pouting in a hallway when I couldn’t get the door to open and I was temporarily trapped.
Shortly after I returned, we left for the movies. T, Jeff and I went to go see ‘This Is The End’ and it was… alright. I’ve had multiple people tell me they loved it, couldn’t stop laughing, etc. I thought it was good, I laughed a little, sometimes I was a litttttle grossed out. (Cringing in a Seth Rogen movie – does that make me middle aged?) Then went to dinner afterwards. I’m in the process of writing down all the places I’ve eaten while I was here… and the list is getting huge. Post coming soon. 
Sunday, Tierney and I went to the MoMA. They have memberships to a lot of the museums here, so I’ve been taking advantage of that. It was crazy busy, and we had to go to Guest Services to get my ticket since my name wasn’t on the membership card. Side note: I think horn rimmed glasses and slim fitting pants are requirements for all employees of the MoMA. The guy behind the desk looked at me, kinda squinted, and asked, “Are you 16?” Maybe that was for the purpose of giving me a cheaper ticket.. but it definitely wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked if I’m 16.. or 17. I get carded for rated R movies. After that brief (distressing) encounter, we walked the sculpture garden and all the exhibits. 
THEN! I got a text from Heather that said something along the lines of, “Stop what you’re doing and come hang out with me.” She was at Port Authority, waiting for her bus to take her to upstate NY where she’s working as a camp counselor for the remainder of the summer. So, I ditched Andy Warhol and hung out with ma girl in a dirty train station for the next two hours. And it was glorious. I don’t have any photos of this… if I did there would be homeless people sleeping in the background. Or peeing in the corner. So, you’re welcome for saving you from that.
This week at Acorda has flown by. I can’t believe it’s Thursday, my last night in NYC, and I’ve already been here for three weeks. It has gone so fast, and I’m kinda sad to see my time come to an end. If I had my people up here with me, I’d never leave. But, I miss my Kent, my parents, and my sisters. 
I fly out of White Plains tomorrow at three and I’ll be in Orlando by 6!