Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. Honestly, I can’t imagine where I’d be without my Faj. His 100% devotion to his family is something I can only hope I find in a husband one day, he would do anything and everything to make sure I was happy, safe, and successful. 

Yesterday was my parent’s 22nd wedding anniversary. This photo (one of my favorites!) is from my parent’s wedding. My Mom’s Dad, Pop Pop, and my faj. Smoking a cig and wearing pleated pants. I’m happy to report neither of these occur anymore. 

Thanksgiving this past year, after we dragged him to the park to take pictures all day long. 

But it resulted in some cute shots. 

My high school graduation. My Dad is such a no nonsense kinda guy. All through my schooling he’s always had the “well, just do it” mentality. I’m not ready for a test? Study. I’m not liking my classes? Too bad. Last spring, I took an American History course. My final exam was a series of essays, and I could pick two of four. One of the topics was going to be the Watergate scandal. I called my Dad on the way to my exam, and he spent the entire hour before my exam giving me every tidbit of information he knew. My Dad is a history buff, I’m convinced all his brain storage goes to history and Bob Dylan lyrics. 

The faj, Lib and I in Downtown Disney last August to celebrate his birthday. We gave him his 65th Birthday present and he loved it. How many men can stand living in a house of four women and being dragged to Disney multiple times a year? 

I took this one and he said “Fake smile. I look bad. Delete it..
….. no seriously, Kate. Delete it.” 
Sorry Faj, now it’s on the internet. 
It really doesn’t get better than my Faj. I know that, and I hope he knows that. Miss you and wish I could be at the beach with you guys today. Love you!
one of his favs: