What you wear in the office and outside the office are usually two different things, right? Well, what if you wear out of the office is… all you have? A month ago when I finalized plans to come to New York, I had that moment of I have literally nothing to wear. 

It’s summertime in Florida – aka steam cooker central. Shorts, tank tops, and flip flops are the standard. But here in New York, it’s rainy, wet, and cold. Plus, I’m in an office setting, my Florida summer attire isn’t gonna work. I found a few little things can make a big difference in making your wardrobe office ready.

I love J. Crew’s jewelry. I don’t love the price of J. Crew’s jewelry. Forever 21 has great deals on some really cute necklaces, which bump up an ordinary skirt + blouse to something stylish. I ended up with eight necklaces, two bracelets, and a handful of earrings for under the price of one J. Crew necklace. 

I’m a wardrobe hoarder. I rarely get rid of old skirts, cardigans, or shoes. The result? I wore a skirt to work today that I’ve had since 8th grade. I kid you not. You can revamp these old pieces with a couple new tricks though. The skirt in my ‘monday’ picture is actually backwards. I thought the front looked better in the back, and vice versa. H&M has tank tops that are $8 each, and a fresh pop of color can really make an old skirt cute again. 
So, wear your skirt backwards. Buy some cute necklaces. Wear your eighth grade wardrobe with pride. Nobody will know you’re an unprepared intern from over a thousand miles away. ;) 

Kent told me this afternoon he has been listening to the new Bruno Mar’s song “non-stop” so I had to listen. He was right – it’s so damn catchy.