Last night Tierney, Jeff, and I went to the Christopher Reeve Foundation‘s Summer Kick-off Party at the Standard Hotel. After much searching after AXS Mapping the other day, I finally found the right maxi skirt. You’d think in New York City you wouldn’t have to spend four hours scouring 5th Ave. for a black maxi. Pac Sun ended up having the goods.

The weather was beautiful, unlike the torrential downpours we’ve been having this past week. 
The view was incredible. You got a full 360 view of the city as the night went on. 
In the left corner you can see T’s bag for the night – it was made from an old bathing cap. 
The few hours we were there left plenty of opportunities to meet some interesting people in the world of spinal cord injuries. Neurologists, young guys with spinal cord injuries, their families and their friends. In the short two weeks I’ve been exposed to the community of MS and SC injury, I’ve come to learn it’s a very rewarding one to be in. Knowing you’re marketing a drug that could completely change someone’s life, or recruiting for a clinical trial that could bring huge advancements. Makes you take a step back and remember how blessed we all are to be healthy. 
It’s been an exciting week, can’t wait to post pictures & updates from AXS Mapping this week with Google. More soon, xo!