Saturday morning, I walked through the park to my destination for the day. The American Museum of Natural History, y’all. 
I came here almost four years ago when I visited Manhattan with Tiger Regiment. It’s cooler now than it was four years ago. My reason for going was to go to the planetarium. As much as I suffered through astronomy this past semester, I think it’s all pretty darn interesting. 
These were always my favorite thing in the gift shop. 
Totally useless, yet mesmerizing. 

The best part about going to a museum alone? I can do whatever the hell I want to do. I don’t have to suffer through exhibits about birds. Gross. I can spend twenty minutes in the Hall of Minerals and nobody will nag me to leave because it’s so boring. 

I think it’s pretty damn cool. 

Left the Museum and wandered for an hour or so. Stopped into a beautiful paper store and looked at stationary and other unimportant things for a long time. Aaaand since I was alone, nobody could bug me to hurry up. I happen to like paper, thank you very much.

Spent the remainder of the afternoon at a little street fair. Delicious lemon poppyseed donut. Strange little cactus vendor. Found a cute little espresso bar and sucked up their wi-fi for a little while before I headed to dinner with T. 

Teodora’s is adk;fa;sdkfjad;sfk THE BOMB. Seriously some of the best food I have ever eaten. Every time we come to New York, we eat here at least once. When we all came for Tierney and Jeff’s wedding, the entire family sat upstairs and ate a (loud) delicious meal. Their women’s bathroom has kisses all over the walls, from the last ten years. If you look above the toilet, there are two kisses. One of them is Jeff’s from the night we all ate their after their wedding. We wrapped up dinner with this: 
Dear Kent, I am coming home fat. Love, Kate. 

Walked over a few blocks to the movie theatre, where I finally saw The Great Gatsby. And loved it. Totally, completely, in love with it. However, a note to all your girls out there who thinks Gatsby is the most romantic man on the planet – you’re wrong. Guy is totally delusional.

Anywho, a short cab ride home and I was passed out on the world’s comfiest pull out couch. How awesome is it that I have an aunt and uncle who are so willing to give up their home, their time, and their resources to let me have an internship in New York? And on top of that, they whisk me all over the city to eat, drink, and explore wherever I want to go.

Then, at the end of the night I get to do this. 
Definitely counting my blessings tonight, it really doesn’t get much better than this. 
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