Today was great. You know a day was great when your feet hurt. At least, those of us with old lady feet do. Right now, I’m laying down on Skype with Kent with Restaurant Impossible in the background.

Started out my morning with a run alongside the East River. 
The Dachsund owners of Manhattan must be creeped out by now, I’ve taken pictures of a bunch of weinies over the last few days. 
Sorry not sorry. 
Came home and swiftly left again, this time for brunch. T, Jeff and I went to the T Bar for lunch. We all had salads, my Cobb was fantastic. Afterwards we swung through Kayser to pick up some bread and iced coffees. 
Let it be known that I resisted all of this, and a whole other case of pistachio eclairs. 
Walked a few blocks and went to get manicures. I constantly fight with manicures in the Spring/Summer, because I like darker nail polish and I feel like token summer colors are light, pink, and cute. I ended up going with Essie Smokin’ Hot. 
Kinda awkward, but the color is important! It’s a good dark-ish summer color without wearing deep purple. Now, if my day had ended here, good morning run, brunch, iced coffee and a manicure, I’d be a happy Kate. But, it kept going. My lazy Florida girl self isn’t made for these long days. 
T and I went to Harlem for a house tour. It was exactly what it sounds like, we did a walking tour of eight renovated brownstones. Walked right through these people’s houses, often the owner’s were sitting right by the door, telling us about the renovations they did. The houses were gorgeous. The first one we stopped in had all the original woodwork, while others were completely remodeled. We suspected these houses with complete renovations, called SROs, were pretty rough back in the day, and were probably stripped of anything worth value. Crack houses, essentially. 
Around 6:15, we left again. This time, for dinner. T and Jeff have been raaaaaving about Joe Doe, a restaurant in the East Village they frequent often. Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus. Everything that I ate tonight was literally beyond words. As promised, I’ll make a blog post just about the food I’ve eaten on my trip. Coming soon, my friends. 
Of all the things that can happen during the day, this will always be my favorite. 
What’d you do this weekend? 
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