hello friends,

Today was good. For the first time, I was awoken by my alarm – the last few mornings I’ve been stirred by the light pouring in the windows. Today, I fought the alarm. Snoozed. Twice. Got up, got going, got some (gag) plain Greek yogurt in my system.

Today’s outfit on the left. Monday’s on the right. 

The commute and the morning at work flew by, I’ve started bringing my crocheting and using this little piece of time to work on my blanket. Work is going swimmingly. (Top 5 favorite adverbs. Swimmingly.) (Stephen King is shunning me for having a favorite adverb) (I’m sorry. I love adverbs.) There was a Lunch and Learn today, which basically means Acorda fed us pizza and we listened to new information about a drug they’re testing. There were tables lined with boxes, labeled Pepperoni, White Brocolli, Sausage, and Tuna. TUNA. Here, let me say it again for emphasis. TUNA PIZZA. Apparently it’s a fight to the last slice for this coveted pie. Being the tuna snob I am, I ate my white broccoli and a salad. The rest of the day flew by, I tried my hand at working through Illustrator and I’m happy to say I’ve got my sea legs.

After work, Ebby and I swung over to The Cookery for dinner. While we waited for the rest of the crew to show up, I ate this oddly delicious stale seasoned popcorn and chatted with Eb.

The Swine Supper Club as they refer to themselves, are a great group of people. Weird as hell, and totally enjoyable. By the end of the night they had this little handshake thing, a date to meet up again, and tribe names for everyone. It was fun, the three hours we spent devouring this pig flew by.

Now, I have a confession. The idea of a pig roast is always fun in my mind, but once I get there, my stomach does a little dance and I freak out. It has a face. Nonetheless, I had a good deal of piggy on my plate, along with collard greens, potatoes and carrots. While I picked out my white meat pieces, the brain, tongue, feet, and tail were devoured by my fellow tribesmen. You really do get in touch with your barbaric side in a funny way, I was tempted to eat with my hands. 

They said they rubbed the pig down with honey and vinegar. The skin… was… candy. It was pure, rich, deliciousness. That said, one little bite was enough. I’d love to talk on and on about my night and my day and all my really interesting feelings, but I’m exhausted.