Hi. I’m on a pull-out couch in a gorgeous apartment on 72nd St. It’s 73 degrees outside and I just finished drinking a bottle of Pellegrino.

Quick Recap: I’m interning for Acorda Therapeutics, who makes medicine for spinal cord injuries. I’m working in the Communications department, and my first day was yesterday! The office is beautiful and about half an hour outside the city. I spent my first day in a conference call to China, a couple internal meetings to work on corporate branding, and spent time digging for ideas for the company picnic invitation.

It’s weird that I’m actually here, I’ve been anticipating it for so long, it almost doesn’t seem real. Except, I walked ten miles today in ballet flats. The foot pain is pretty real right about now. All complaints aside – today was perfect.

I woke up at 5:30 (who am I?) and laid around all morning until I eventually got up and got ready.Tried my hand at juicing, and successfully stomached kale, carrot, cucumber, and banana. Not bad.

Spent today at Juice Advertising, which works solely on pharmaceutical products. We were work shopping Acorda’s newest drug, Ampyra. The medicine allows MS patients to walk better, whether it be speed, gait, or endurance. We worked on the personality of the medicine and the technical side of the segmented market, both of which were incredibly interesting.

When that ended around three, I took to the streets. I headed towards the meat packing district and wove my way down the little streets, popping into different shops.

Ended up near David’s Tea and tried some cucumber infused tea. It was delicious and I proceeded to spend the next fifteen minutes staring at the wall of tea options. I walked, and walked, and walked. I found myself in Washington Square Park and people watched for awhile. Google and Zagat highly recommended Corner Bistro, so I set out to find it. Twenty minutes later, I was eating a grilled chicken sandwich in a hole in the wall bar next to a Russian family. The menu consisted of: hamburger, cheeseburger, bistro burger, chicken sandwich, blt, grilled cheese, french fries. It was clean, cheap, delicious, and quick. In a city of $32 chicken sandwiches, I was quite pleased with myself and my find. On a more refined note, we ate at Atlantic Grill last night and I had arugala potato soup with cherries and salmon. Sounds odd, but my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Life will be subpar when I return to mac and cheese from the box.

I’ve made it my business to send Kent pictures of all the weinie dogs I see, real or glass. The old saying that dogs look like their owners has become my favorite thing to assess. You see teeny housewives with their mini dogs and towering 6″4 guys with their Great Danes. The other day I saw a toddler clinging to the back of their dog while the mother walked alongside them. Normal.
+ finally, the view from my window while I soak my feet.