I’m at the airport! Ever since I was young I’ve always loved airports, they’re the middleman between home and a new & exciting destination. 

Now that I’m older, it’s obvious my child’s mind blocked out the sour memories of long lines. And screaming children. And having my possessions scrutinized. 
My flight is at 2:15, and I’ve been here for thirty minutes already, shuffling through one line to another. Despite all that, I’m really excited! I had some rescheduling and instead of leaving this past Tuesday, I’m heading to NYC this afternoon. My bag was over (read: way over) the fifty pound limit, and now I’m in the process of putting everything in a bin to be x rayed. Fact: you can fly with a crochet hook in your bag. Pepper spray, not so much. The TSA website said anything under 4 oz. had to be inspected, but it could go in your checked luggage. False, my friends! 
Spending the rest of my waiting time in a Mexican bar while I crochet my blanket. The bartender said he’d be alright with me leaving it as the tip instead. Wish me luck! xoxo