I’m the queen of phases – I obsess over things for weeks on end and then burn out on them. Only to pick them up again months later and start the cycle all over again. Right now though, there’s a few things I can’t get enough of. 
1. Seagram’s Orange Citrus – I love seltzer water. I’ve been on a no-soda kick for awhile now, and the only thing I miss is the carbonation. Seltzer gives you the bubbles without the sugar overdose! I grabbed a 12 pack of these at Publix the other day and I haven’t stopped drinking them since. 
2. Caron Simply Soft Yarn – If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen my crocheting endeavors recently. I’m currently working on two different blankets, a chevron and a striped blanket. Blankets take up a lot of yarn, and ya girl is on a teeny tiny budget. Walmart sells this yarn in a bunch of cute colors, and it’s not too expensive! It’s the perfect balance between soft and affordable.
3. Muenster Cheese – I was thinking of the stuff I’m really into lately, and this is the first thing I thought of. It’s pretty self explanatory… I could eat Muenster on everything at all times of the day. 
4. Old Navy Leggings – The fight to not wear leggings as pants is at an all time high, my friends. This issue can be avoided 95% of the time by reminding yourself that if you have to bend over for something, your leggings will show the world your butt cheeks and your underwear. These leggings, however, solve that issue. Super comfy, perfect length, and don’t show off my butt in the gym. (who am I kidding.. I don’t go to the gym. I work out at home.) 
5. Solved – Investigation Discovery has the best shows. Between Stalked, Solved, and Food Network.. I don’t watch anything else. Unlike Stalked or Disappeared, Solved gives you closure at the end of the episode. Hence the name… Solved? It’s a little easier on the mind to watch these than watch the eerie open ended Disappeared episodes. Just in case you’re a fraidy cat weinie, like me. 
6. Statement Necklaces – I don’t have much fashion sense. I really don’t. But I can throw on a pretty simple outfit and a cute necklace takes it up to the next level. In fact, I just got my package from Forever 21 a couple days ago. Super cute jewelry, super inexpensive. 
7. Publix Espresso Chip Froyo – There are no words for this masterpiece of frozen delight. Kent and I go through a half gallon of this stuff in a week.
8. Expert Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Wash – I have a problem. Two, actually. My skin is a pain in the ass and my bank account doesn’t support much past a bottle of Neutrogena face wash. Here’s the issue: My skin is oily-ish at the end of the day, but the average face wash makes it drrrrry dry dry. I haven’t bought the same face wash twice, I’m always on the hunt for a decent one that won’t leave my skin in this weird limbo. Shout out to the sweet lady in Target who recommended I buy this.. ’cause I love it. 

What’re you obsessing over?