Started my weekend by the pool. I started this chevron blanket earlier this week and it’s so darn easy. If you can single crochet (which is about all I know) you can make this blanket. It’s just time consuming, but it’s only fourteen single crochets, three sc in one hole, fourteen down the other side, two decreases and you repeat.

I love being in the sun. Whether you do or not, this is worth reading. 
Got this picture in a text from my sister and my Mom… and I just about screamed. 
My baby sister went to class night on Friday, the end of the year eighth grade dance. Tonight she went to a incoming freshman meeting at the high school. She’s going to be in… high school. Sometimes, when people ask me what grade my baby sister is, I have to bite my tongue before I say “third grade.” Where does time go? It seems like yesterday, I was eight years old and trying to carry her like a sack of potatoes. This endeavor resulted in dropping her on her face and knocking out three of her teeth. 
Ah… memories. 

Saturday afternoon, Kent, Clay and I packed up in Henry (the name I gave Kent’s new car) and went to Gainesville. It was our friend Dan’s birthday, so I threw these together and brought them as a present. Super easy, really delicious, and high in protein. I used flax seed instead of chia seed, just personal preference.

This weekend was a perfect reminder of why I prefer to hang out with guys. Here’s what we did: ordered an extra large meat lovers pizza, drank beer, played pool, ate Bento (eh ma god), ate frozen yogurt, watched horror movies, and listened to good music. Nobody complained, nobody cried, nobody bitched. It. Was. Great.

Birthday boy taking a tequila shot
Kent wasn’t as pleased with his. Note: horns. 
Came back to Orlando/reality on Sunday afternoon. It rained the whole way home, cue perfect napping conditions. Spent the night working on my blanket, watching the new Restaurant Impossible, and job hunting for babes. 
This morning, Kent went to City Hall downtown to apply for a job. I took the opportunity to do some exploring. I wandered through an art exhibit, walked a couple blocks, looked at some old buildings that are now bars and restaurants. It was pretty cool. I was walking back when I felt my phone ringing in my back pocket.. “Kent.” So I answered it, and he was maaaaaaaaad. “WHERE ARE YOU?” kinda thing. I told him I was on my way back and hung up promptly. When I turned the corner, I saw him pacing around the entrance of City Hall, his hands doing the nervous dance. Once we got in the car, he went nuts. 
“I thought someone grabbed you” 
“Where were you” 
“You didn’t answer your phone” (six missed calls – oops) 
“What would I have done if you had been kidnapped!?” 
“You can’t do that to me” 
I was literally about to call your Mom, I was terrified” 
Once he settled down, I turned my phone ringer all the way up, and we went to Target. Coffee pot and iron in tow (so grown up!), we grabbed Amigos for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with puppies. 
Crisis averted.
I got a phone call while we were playing with puppies, which will a post in itself in the next few days. But, I will say, I’M SO EXCIIIIIITED.