I love being home. 

Let me rephrase: I love being home, for a week at a time. It’s the perfect amount of time to see my friends, relax, and spend time with my family. Coming home every now and then ensures that my parents are still excited to see me, and leave me out of unsavory house chores (read: emptying the dishwasher). More than a week goes by, and I get antsy. I like my own space, when I went to college Sarah commandeered my old bedroom. When I’m home, I’m occupying a twin sized bed in the corner of Libby’s room. Not. Fun.

Strapless bathing suits, you’re so cute. But your tan lines suck. 
I’ve been home for just over a week now, and it’s been fantastic. I spent four of my afternoons laying at the beach (this white girl has a tan for once), a couple days with in my Mom’s classroom, and eating good food. Since I don’t have a car in Orlando, I smush all my errands into the week I’m home.. I’ve been to the doctor twice and I have blood work in the morning. See? Smushed. 
Friday night we had family dinner at Palm City Grill (their clam chowder, ugh) and spent two hours laughing, spilling water, and eating more food than we shoulda. Kent is such a good sport about being seen in public with my sisters and I.. it can get out of hand. Kent, Griff & I went to the beach on Saturday, and then Kent and I went to Vero to have dinner with his grandparents. I really wish I’d been able to get to know my grandparents, you don’t appreciate how many stories they have until you’re older. Sweetheart told me about how she met Granddaddy on a blind date and they were married six months later, then advised me not to get involved with a Hawaiian boy – they only like to party. 

I’m on a crocheting kick. It’s so typical of an old woman… but I can’t help it. My mom asked Kent if I’m embarrassing to be around. A bus ride is an excellent time to crochet. I started with the granny squares earlier this week and I’m crocheting together my blanket right now! :0 I made the pig and bunny accidentally, I was playing with making a circle and ended up with this weird cylinder with a knob at the top. So I gave it legs and ears… voila. Piggy.

& finally: Libby picking gardenias with me the other day. Blessed with the best family a girl could ask for, they may be weird and obnoxious at times, but they’ve always got my back. Love you, Palm City, but Orlando calls in the morning.