Babes graduated yesterday! As some of you know, Kent is actually Alton Kent Blosser IV. Prestigious sounding, right? He’s the first AKB to be graduating college, so a whole bunch of family came into town for the occasion.

Cute family, right? 
AKB 2 & AKB 3 are on the left. When Kent walked across the stage, Granddaddy pumped his fists in the air. I can’t get started on how darn cute his grandparent are, or this whole post will become a Blosser grandparent appreciation post. And that’s just weird. One last thing though – he calls his grandma Sweetheart… Sweetheart. DOES IT GET CUTER? 
Kent’s cousin Cory is in the back, and his brother Dylan on the right. 
The arena was absolutely packed when we got there, and so we opted to watch graduation right from the Alumni center, they broadcasted it on a huge screen! Bill Clinton spoke – pretty darn cool. When Kent walked across the stage, the group left to get situated in the hotels. I hung around and waited for Kent to get out of the ceremony. I people watched, explored… and made friends with the flower sellers. Why did I make friends with the flower sellers? Because they had a tent – and it was pouring. Orlando has been so doom and gloom the last week, rainy rainy rainy afternoons. I found Kent in the bookstore, returning his cap and gown, and we booked it to the parking garage to meet his Momma and Reagan.
Kent and Reagan at Rob’s house. Note: evidence of rain. 
We drove half an hour to his Uncle Rob & Jay’s house, right outside of downtown Orlando. When we got there, the four of us joined up with Kent’s Dad, Nanny, Dylan, Cory, Sean, Rob, Jay, Granddaddy and Sweetheart. We all toasted to Kent and his graduation, and then he opened up a box. I wish I had gotten a picture of his face ’cause it was so damn cute. Inside this white box was car keys, which he kinda picked up and was like what the hell? His Dad was kinda like “uh, it’s your car. It’s in the driveway.” Then Kent was like wide eyed, little bit of drool coming out of his mouth, ohmygod look on his face. He drove to dinner and must have said “I can’t believe this is my car,” a half dozen times. 
We all (twelve of us!) went to dinner at this delicious italian place right around the corner. (side note: still pouring). I had this derrrrricious caprese salad (literally order this everywhere I can). Kent’s family is so much fun to be around. Kent’s cousin, Sean, has his own clothing company Flomotion and hearing him talk about it during dinner was so cool. He gave Kent one of their shirts for a graduation gift, it’s so soft and a darn good lookin’ shirt. They’re good people, all kinds of interesting conversations going on. Anything from how a good bunch of us failed our license test the first time to Reagan telling everyone how I call Kent ‘bubba’ and ‘muffin.’ Sorry for the emasculating nicknames, babe. 
Went back to Rob & Jay’s, the older AKBs smoked cigars and the rest of us watched Parks and Rec for a couple hours before we all passed out. In the morning, we had a slow start and walked to breakfast mid morning. Out on the back patio, Granddaddy and Papa Blosser were smoking cigars and Sweetheart was sitting with them. When we left for breakfast, Nanny asked her what she wanted to do, come to breakfast or stay behind. She responded, “I think I’ll stay and smoke cigars.” Then Granddaddy looks at her and says, “Hope you brought your own.” Waaaah they’re so damn cute. 
We headed out early this afternoon and got back to UCF just in time for the sun showers. I’m planning on heading back to the 772 on Sunday and I can’t wait to see my family, it’s been since Spring Break. Mullen withdrawls are getting too high to handle. 

We ran errands and ate Tijuana (nom). 

Now we’re both giving into our Candy Crush Saga obsessions.. I’m not the only one, right? 
& of course, the song I’m loving this weekend.