Am I the only one who struggles with working out? I love how good I feel when I stick with a good workout for a few weeks, but it’s so easy for me to get derailed with my gym schedule.

My solution? Quick workouts. I let a million things (see: time) get in the way of working out, but I’ve got a list of workouts that take less than half an hour each and still give you results.

I found (almost) all of these on Pinterest, and I’ve been at them for a couple weeks now. 
Monday is by far the easiest, because Mondays are hard enough. I finished this fifteen minutes ago & it took less than ten minutes. 
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday are workouts I found from Pinterest. 
Wednesday and Friday are from  the Blonde Ponytail’s website. What I love most about her workouts are the videos – the names for some of these moves sound a lot more daunting than they really are. (see: cross-back lunge and high pull down mowers :o) They’re timed – you do a move as much as you can for twenty seconds, and then switch. If you workout with the video, it keeps time for you and keeps you on pace. Her website has other workouts on it too, butt workouts and ab workouts, but these two are my favorites. 
The ab workout I’ve been doing with my sister for almost a year now, and it makes me sore every time. The first few times we did it I couldn’t get 25 of each move, much less finish it. The roll up V’s are miserable challenging. It’s pretty close to P90X’s Ab Ripper X, but a little bit different. 
Any workout is instantly better with a good playlist. I can listen to just about anything, as long as it’s loud and upbeat. Sorry, Regina Spektor, you’re not coming to the gym with me. Lately, I’m liking Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line, mainly because I like to lip sync and dance in the mirror.