Exam week is over in less than 24 hours! I got out pretty easy, honestly. Two optional exams, an online (open note) exam, a portfolio and a vocabulary quiz.. doesn’t get much better than that.

Spent the afternoon by the pool with a couple of my friends. Here’s Rubin & Al playing “turtle” or something of that nature. I was in the sun for a couple hours with no sunblock… and I’m miraculously uncrispy. Just slightly pink. Ended up going on a Walgreens trip to buy sunscreen (guess what I didn’t end up coming home with?) and ended up buying some stuff that’s worth mentioning…

Here’s what I’m loving right now.
I love candles. Rather, I love good smelling candles. I stole a bunch from my Mom over winter break, (they were SB’s christmas gift to her.. oops) and I’ve had one lit in my room ever since. Bath and Body Works does a 2 for $20 deal, and these two have been my favorite so far. Lemon Mint Leaf & Espresso Bar. Ridiculously good, last a long time, and make your room smell delicious longgggg after you’ve blown it out. 
Ran to Walgreens today and Ben and Jerry’s was 2 for 5.. aka an obvious purchase. I’ve had the Greek frozen yogurt by them, but today I went with Cherry Garcia. SO. GOOD. (Don’t mind my roommate’s freezer burned meat. Focus on the Cherry goodness.) 
While I was at Walgreens I ended up in the nailpolish aisle and got Essie’s Meet Me at Sunset (the red color) and I love it. I’m a huge fan of dark nail polish, (see: Power Clutch) but I wanted something spring-y. Plus, I’m wearing a necklace that’s the same color to graduation and I felt like that was reason enough to buy a bottle of nailpolish.. right? 
& probably best of all: I bought bubble bath. I. Love. Baths. I’ve used Mr. Bubble because it’s cheap and nostalgic, but I saw Dr. Teal’s today and couldn’t pass it up… it’s lavender. You know how a certain smell can remind you of a particular place? Lavender reminds me of our lake house in Cape Cod we used to visit every summer. I literally texted my Mom this afternoon “bought bubble bath that smells like Cape Cod” and she was all, “yay lavender!” 
With the Great Gatsby coming into theaters soon, I have promised myself that I will read the book before I see the movie. Why is Leonardo DiCaprio so dreamy? Everyone always says, “wait you didn’t read it in high school?” NO I’M OUT OF THE LOOP, ok?! Workin’ on it. 
oh yeah and I still really like crocheting.
In fact, I’m looking at ordering a 3.5 mm hook RIGHT NOW. 
back to my granny life of crocheting and candles and books