Hi readers, 
I write to you from my bed, post eight hour work shift, pajama-ed, and ready for sleep. It’s exam week at UCF, (and everywhere else, no?) and it shows. I’m slaving working thirty two hours this week. Yeah, 32. From 4 PM to midnight Monday (tonight) until Thursday. Pretty paycheck, yes. Tired Kate, yes. Great study time, yes. So it all works out in the end. When I left work tonight, there was a line outside the Union all the way to the Chic-fil-a (aka, pretty far) of students waiting for free food. The Union does a pretty good job of making finals week bearable, free food every night at midnight, they had massage tables (not kidding) and all kinds of other stuff going on. 
I work in the Student Union, technically for the Corner Cafe. CC, Huey Magoos, and Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. are all owned by the same guys, so I get shuffled between when I work. Since it’s exam week, Joffrey’s is open 24 hours. Yeah, 24. They need the extra help, so I’m there all this week. Surprisingly, I got the majority of my Statistics review done tonight… and drank a lot of espresso. Thus, here I am. In bed. Mentally drained but physically jumpy. Thank you, caffeine. 
Study/Espresso session tonight at work. 
This weekend was an exceptionally good one, Kent and I snagged free tickets to Islands of Adventure and went on Sunday. I swear, UCF isn’t paying me to write nice things about them, they’re just pretty great. They give out a ridiculously large amount of tickets to IOA every year and this year they started a shuttle service to the park and back to campus, which is fantastic for us carless losers students. 
For those of you who’ve been to Harry Potter World… you know the butterbeer. It’s basically a cream soda slurpee with butterscotch froth on top, aka the best drink you could fathom. Despite really crumby weather (see: rain and overcast skies), we had a really good time. We ended up leaving campus around three, getting into the park and situated around four and stayed for three or four hours. The shuttles went back and forth hourly, which was perfect.. because cranky Kate would have come out full force if I had to stay in a rainy amusement park all night long. 
This is Kent, sitting out on the Dr. Seuss carousel because… wait for it… “it’s for babies”
But I wasn’t going to let him get away with not going on the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley. I even sang along with the yellow belly sneetches just to up the embarrassment level one or two.  I’m such a good girlfriend. 

We got home, made bacon quesadillas, and spent the rest of the night watching Restaurant Impossible. Lame side note: we watch so much Food Network that sometimes when we’re eating our plain college student food, we act like pretentious judges. “The chicken really compliments the barbecue sauce.” We entertain ourselves.


 Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.